No.__________                                           First Class B                         




This is To Certify, That ______(name)__________ has under the provisions of an Act of the Legislature of the State of Texas, approved February 11th 1854, entitled An Act to extend the provisions of “An Act to Provide for ascertaining the debt of the Late Republic of Texas” approved 20th March 1848, filed with the Auditor and Comptroller, ____________________(description)_____________

amounting to _____________(written out)_______dollars, the interest on which, at

the sum of ____(Ten) ~~~~~per cent, to their _(heirs)_  to the _(first) _ day of __(July)__  1850.   Amounts to _____(amount written in)__________Dollars.  Said claim, according to the date before us, was issued by the late Government of Texas at __(Seventy)__cents on the dollar or was at that rate so available, making the principal equal to ___(amount)__ Dollars and the interest, at the same ratio, equal to ___(amount)__ Dollars in par funds.


            In Testimony Whereof, We have hereunto set out hands and affixed our seals of

                                                office, at Austin, this ______________________ day

                                                of  _________(month)____ A. D. 185(5)

                                                 __________Jno. M. Swisher____________________

_____________________                                                                     Auditor





Image from Grover C. Criswell’s Bond Book



TEXT for this New Discovery

No. 17                                      Entirely Manuscript                                {1st Class}

Public Debt

of the late

Republic of Texas


This is to certify that Henry Jones has, under the provisions of an act of the Legislature of the State of Texas, entitled, “An Act to provide for ascertaining the Debt of the late Republic of Texas” approved 20th March 1848, filed with the Auditor and Comptroller Ten Shares of the Consolidated Stock created by act of 7th June 1837with Interest unpaid from 1st of March 1841 ~~ Amounting to One Thousand Dollars, the interest on which, at the rate of Ten per cent, to the first day of September 1849 amounts to eight hundred and fifty dollars.  Said claim according to the data before us, was issued by the late government of Texas at seventy cents on the dollar, or was at that rate so available making the principal equal to Seven Hundred 00/ ~ Dollars, and the interest at the same ratio, equal to five hundred and ninety dollars in par funds


Ostensible Interest[1]   $850.00             In testimony where Of we have hereunto

Par Interest              $590.00                   set our hands and affixed our Seals

The above correction made by me              of our office, at Austin, this Eighteenth

Feby 10th 1854     Jno M Swisher          day of October, A.D. 1848


        James B Shaw                                                 Jno M Swisher

                             Comptroller                                              Auditor 
                                                            **Seal**                                            **Seal**   




This belongs to

James F Rosborough                     

        I transfer the within to                                     A Sears

James F. Rosborough this 1st day of Jan 1851              

                                        Henry Jones

                                The State of Texas   }

                                County of Calhoun  }

                                                                                   I, John C. Clelland, a

Marshall, Feby the 11th 1851                          Notary Public in and for said County Duly

For value received I transfer                            commissioned and sworn do certify that

The within claim to Alexander Sears               Henry Jones well known to Me and whose

                James F. Rosborough                         name is Subscribed to the foregoing

                                                                                transfer an instrument of Writing

The State of Texas }                                            made to J. F. Rosborough and dated

Harrison County   }                                            first day of June AD 1851 personally

                        Personally appears                     appeared and acknowledged that he

before me Edwin Cates a notary Public          did sign the same for the purposes

in and for said County   James F.                       and consideration therein named and

Rosborough whose name and signature (unknown)               In testimony whereof I

appears in the above transfer and acknowledges            the said Notary have here

that he signed and delivered the same                           unto Set my hand and

for the purposes and considerations therin                    affixed my private seal

expressed in testimony whereof I                                     in the absence of my of=

have hereunto signed my name and affixed my              ficial one, this 29th day

Notarial seal this the                                                             of October 1853

28th day of July (x’d out May) AD 1853                                         John C Clelland

Edwin Cates    Not Pub    H Co                                                             Notary Public CC

                        *Original small seal  

                        State of Texas          }

                        Harrison County      }                      

                                                        I hereby certify the annexed

                                Is a true and correct copy of a certificate

                                1st Class public debt held by Addison

                                Sears admr of Alex Sears deceased The original

                                having no lines separating the certificates of transf

                                attested by Notary Publics Edwin Cates & John C Clelland

                                this march 23rd AD 1856

                                                                        Jno J? Witherspoon




Small Slip of Paper

Has No Name of Original Owner


                        My Claim is 10 shares of 10 per cent consolidated fund of June 7

                        1837 scaled to 70 cents on the dollar              Jones will make

                        his transfer to James F Rosboruogh & not to me  


The document shows Henry Jones transferring to Jno F Rosborough



[1] Seeming to be true or genuine, but open to doubt.  Presented as being true, or appearing to be true, but usually hiding a different motive or meaning