Listing of Sold Republic of Texas
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Star Notes - Houston  *  Government - Houston  *  Republic - Austin

Star Notes

H7  $50  Serial #669  Nice color & contrast.  Fading at pay to "W. G. Cooke".  Extremely light paper clip stains in two places at top.  Cut Cancels are Closed, but it appears to be No other issues. CC, F+ $5,795.00   

Government Notes (Houston)

H15  $3  #926  Henry Smith / Sam Houston  This piece has Fantastic Balance, Color and Contrast, the paper is a seldom seen off-white (buff).  There is only one tiny stain visible from back at bottom border.  With No Repairs this note has Full Border Lines.  Extremely Scarce for Type & Condition!  CC, Fine+ $3,975.00

H17  #1598  Smith / Houston   This note exhibits Nice Balance, Color & Contrast with complete border lines.  There are no bad stains or spots.  There is a prominent Gutter Fold in the top left [10] counter.  In my opinion this note is well Above Average.  It is of course cut cancelled.  CC, Fine (+) plus  $595.00  but

H19  $20  #170  Smith/Houston  Above average balance, color & contrast.  This note has an embossed stamp that says "Charles F. Gunther Memorial Chicago Historical Society".  This is one of a group of mixed notes that were sold at the June Kansas City IPMS.  There was a letter with the group stating that the lot was part of a larger group "thrown out" in the 1920's.  CC, Fine Plus (+)  $575.00
H19b  $20  #2756  Dunlap / Lamar  Super Condition.  "Minor Ink Burn" is in Dunlap's signature.  This note Graded by PMG.  The slab is listed as 55 About Uncirculated.  Beautiful, Choice, CC, AU+  $725.00  twt

Republic of Texas (Austin)

A1  $1  #5340  Wonderful Balance, Color & Contrast  CC, XF(+)  $425.00
A1  $1  #3067  Nice balance, Pin Hole to left of Ceres head,  CC, VF  $325.00

A2  $2  #4131  Well Balanced with Sharp Color & Contrast.  Thin paper,  CC, $750.00

A3  $3  #6901  PMG VF20  Sold before adding to website  CC, F+  $525.00    awt    Not on webpage

A4  $5  #4001  Good Balance, Color & Contrast.  CC, VF+   $625.00
A4  $5  #4016  Beautiful Specimen with Full Borders!!  PCGS Choice About New 55 Cross-Cut Cancelled with Closed Cancellation at Lower Left.  Apparent because of a Stamp Hinge.  $1,050.00  hinge removed sold to HS

A5  $10  #1001  Nicely balanced, strong color & contrast.  Clean, CC, Fine +   $450.00

A7  $50  #1946  Choice with Great Color, Contrast & Balance, CC, XF/AU  $525.00  

A8  $100  #439  Acting Secretary of Treasury James Webb signature at left.  Nearly full frame, edge split at left center, Federal Government Wagon Wheel Cancellation circa 1845-1850's.  CoC, VG/F  $875.00  $800
A8  $100  #1210  This note is UNCUT (not cancelled!)  This is an Extreme Rarity!  Over the years I've handled every other note uncut including two A9 $500's; but, this is my first $100.  This example exhibits well above average Color Contrast & Balance on the obverse.  The reverse is just a little bit faded.  Very Fine $1995.00  ctux
A8  $100  #45  Acting Secretary of Treasury, James Webb signature at left.  Nearly fully framed with frame line missing at lower right end only.  PMG Graded as Choice Extremely Fine 45.  Cut Cancelled, Finest handled in more than 5 years.  $2050.00 ctxx

A9 $500  #234  Extremely Scarce, low grade but decent color & contrast.  A few ink stains on the right end.  This note
is from the Charles F. Gunther Memorial Chicago Historical Society.  CC, G/VG  $3150.00


AW4     $50  #192  Patrick Gorman, Sergeant Marine, Flagship Austin.  CC, F  $175.00

W6A  #1716  May 6th, 1844  J.M. Alexander  Assistant Clerk in General Land Office  Nice ic, UNC  $195.00