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San Felipe de Austin  $50.00   
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Galveston Bay and Texas Land Company  ~  October 1830  :  See Documents  

Star Note
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H7B  $50  #1013  Great Color & Contrast.  One tiny piece missing from bottom edge has been replaced using a pice from another original Star Note.  Red & Brown ink are vibrant.  Eli Harris endorsement below Wm. G. Cooke on reverse.  It has several edge splits; but, this piece is way above average for presentation!  Rep, CC, Fine+  $4,750.00  obv  rev         

Government of TexasHOUSTON   Notes dated 1838 & 39
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Buying $1, $3 & $5  Any Condition

H14  $1  #812  Smith/Houston  Super Nice for this Rare Denomination!  CC, VG+  $2,950.00  obv  rev      
H15  $3  none in stock

H16  $5  #723  Smith/Houston  Nice color & contrast, 'For Display', CiH, CoC, F+  $625.00  obv  rev       
H16  $5  #963  Smith/Houston  Split along fold at top ceter, nicer than last.  cc, VG+  $725.00  obv  rev     

H17  $10  #2938  Smith/Houston  Balanced, good contrast, some wrinkling, cc, Fine  $425.00  obv  rev    
H17  $10  #1452  Smith/Houston  Balanced, good contrast, some wrinkling, cc, Fine+  $450.00  obv  rev      
H17  $10  #3167  Dunlop/Lamar  Brighter, decent contrast & balance, cc,Fine  $350.00  obv  rev         
H17A  $10  #2000  Dunlop/Lamar  Crisp, nice contrast and well balanced, cc, VF-  $425.00  obv  rev       
H17A  $10  #490  Dunlop/Lamar  Crisp, Full Balance, Nice Contrast.  cc, VF-  $450.00  obv  rev   
H17A  $10  #2382  Smith/Houston  Nice color & contrast, crisp, some wrinkling, cc, VF(-)  $550.00  obv  rev    

H18  $20  #1464  Smith/Houston  Great Color & Contrast, Full Border, Very Choice cc,VF-  $695.00  obv  rev          
H19  $20  #2584  Dunlop/Lamar  Above average.  Manuscript statement on back "as per act of the Legislature of Texas" relates to payment of Republic debt, August 1849.  cc, Fine +  $450.00  obv  rev  cut          
.............  Comparrison Image of Shield & Star  &c between H19 and H19b below    H19/H19b
H19b  $20  #797  Smith/Houston  Balanced with great contrast and Full Frame.  This is a minor variety just recently noticed where Star on Shield appeares different "to the eye".  Nice!  cc, Fine +  $600.00  obv  rev     
H20  $20   none in stock

H21  $50  #1403  Smith/Houston  Couple very minor tears at a cancellation.  I add archival tape to prevent any further tearing, This note is an exceptional example and Extremely Choice!  CC, AU+  $750.00  obv  rev       
H21A  $50  #2421  Dunlop/Lamar  Faded Red Ink Serial No's & Date.  CC, F+  $455.00  obv  rev    
H21A  $50  #496  Dunlop/Lamar  Full Broad Borders, Quite Nice & Choice!  CC, VF/XF  $585.00  obv  rev       
H21A  $50  #738  Dunlop/Lamar  PCGS Graded:  Extremely Fine 45 PPQ  Choice, CC  $650.00  obv  rev       
H21B  $50 #   none in stock          
H21C  $50 #2105  Dunlop/Lamar  Red ink serial # & date faded.  Evidence of old mounts on back.  Overall this note has Great Balance, Color & Contrast.   Variety!  CC, VF/XF  $625.00  obv  rev       

MEDALLION Issue  -  Houston  

Buying Medallion Notes - Any Condition!

There are two variety for each denomination..    
H22/23  $1  none in stock
H24/25  $2  none in stock
H26/27  $3  none in stock

Consolidated Fund of Texas  

CF10  $100  #5367  Charles D. Sayre  This document is one of several that totaled $2500 transferred to Holford Brancker & Co by Charles Sayre on the 12th of October 1839 in New York City.  There are a number of documents related to Sayre in the Texas Archive.  I found what I was looking for in the first one I opened, listed as AU (Audited Dept).  This is a very nice example that I grade as CC, VF/XF  $275.00  obv  rev    

AUSTIN      none in stock
CF14  $100 

Republic of Texas      
Austin  Change Notes:     A1 $1    A2  $2    A3  $3
These notes have blank reverses
There may be archival tape closing cuts as well as pin-holes I do not mention in my descriptions.

A1    $1    
A1  $1  #5552  Decent color & contrast with cut out at right signature(filled), CC, VG/F  $325.00  obv  rev   
A1  $1  #3556  White paper, well balanced, very rumpled, CC, F(-)  $345.00  obv  rev   
A1  $1  #53  Low Serial Number!  Full Border, A. Brigham signature, Nice Contrast, CC, F+  $400.00  obv  rev   
A1  $1  #6102  A very nice above average example, CC, VF/XF  $430.00  obv  rev   
A1  $1  #1622  This note has very nice overall balance, CC, Fine +   $450.00  obv  rev   
A1  $1  #6492  Graded by PCGS  New 62 Apparent (small edge tear at top center)  CC, $575.00  obv  rev   

A2    $2   

A2  $2  #5364  Balanced, with good color & contrast, CC, Fine  $575.00  obv  rev   
A2  $2  #2865  Nice color & contrast, cut into left end,  CC, VF+  $600.00  obv  rev       
A2  $2  #1620  Balance, Great Contrast, nearly full frame.  CC, Fine+  $650.00  obv  rev   

  A3    $3    
A3  $3  #5380  Good balance & contrast; water spots barely visible,  CC, Fine +  $600.00  obv  rev       
A3  $3  #

Austin Red Backs   A4 $5   A5 $10   A6 $20   A7 $50   A8 $100   A9 $500

Large 5 Pointed Star with T*E*X*A*S between the points
The color is actually a Burnt-Orange
There may be archival tape closing cuts as well as pin-holes I do not mention in my descriptions.

A4    $5    
A4  $5  #1762  Edge nicks &c; but, nice balance overall.  CC, VG+  $405.00  obv  rev       
A4  $5  #1572  Nice balance, color & contrast; blue initials.  CC, F+  $530.00  obv  rev       
A4  $5  #4398  Nice balance with even color & contrast!   CC, F+  $565.00   obv  rev      

A5    $10      
A5  $10  #3911  Good balance & contrast, only avg color.  CC, F+  $385.00  obv  rev         
A5  $10  #6446  Good color, contrast & balance, Avg. CC, F+  $410.00  obv  rev  
A5  $10  #5032  Nice color, contrast & balance, Above Avg,  CC, F+  $435.00  obv  rev       
A5  $10  #5750  Stamp hinge rev, above avg., Nice CC, F/VF  $455.00  obv  rev       
A5  $10  #5428  Nice balance, color & contrast.  Manuscript rev.  CC, VF-  $465.00  obv  rev       
A5  $10  #2875  * Federal Wagon Wheel Cancel, Super Quality!  *CoC,  Very Choice XF/AU+  $475.00 obv  rev      

A6    $20       
A6  $20  #2370  Well centered & balanced; a little dirty.  Average, CC, VG/F  $365.00  obv  rev       
A6  $20  #1678  Nice color, contrast & balance, above Avg.  CC, F+  $390.00  obv  rev       
A6  $20  #3250  Bright with Great Balance, Color & Contrast.  V.Choice, CC, (XF)/AU  $575.00  obv  rev       

A7    $50       
A7  $50  #567  Close cut top, water spots end, Very Choice, CoC, Unc+  $350.00  obv  rev      
A7  $50  #6913  Tight along top, Very Choice, CoC, UNC (+) plus  $365.00  obv  rev           
A7  $50  #4139  Endorsement dated 1846 rev., Avg Plus, CC, Fine (+)  $365.00  obv  rev  cut 
A7  $50  #2187  Endorsement rev, Average Plus.  CC, Fine (+)  $385.00  obv  rev   
A7  $50  #5044  Great Balance, Color & Contrast!  Thin paper, Choice, CC, F/VF(+)  $435.00  obv  rev   
A7  $50  #5886  "Confirmation of T.S. Bomatt" rev, Very Nice, Choice!  CC, XF/AU  $500.00  obv  rev  cut       
A7  $50  #4680  Close cut top, small ink spot, otherwise Very Choice!  CC, AU+  $550.00  obv  rev     
A7  $50  #2553  Great Color, Contrast & Balance.  Very Choice!  CC, AU  $600.00  obv  rev       

A8    $100         

A8  $100  #703  Nice Balance & Color, nicks along top edge..  CC, Fine  $900.00  obv  rev   
A8  $100  #444  Well balanced, edges a bit rough, clean & pressed long ago, CC, VG/F+  $950.00  obv  rev   
A8  $100  #761  Good Color & Contrast, small split top right.  CC, Fine  $1,150.00  obv  rev          
A8  $100  #1537  Nice Color & Contrast, small water spot.  CC, VF-  $1250.00  obv  rev       

A9    $500      

A9 $500  #    none in stock   

Private Issues:  Business or Bank  

Kelsey H. Douglas - payable, Nacogdoches, TX and/or New Orleans   [Sheets issued as 1123  &  2235]       
Uncut Sheet - Light Ink Cancellation - $2 $2 $3 $5  Nice Condition  $1,450.00  obv  rev            
    $2.00  #697  Great Color, Contrast & Balance, some erosion at XX coancellations, ic, F/VF  $675.00  obv  rev        
    $5.00  #  Remainder  Very Choice with light X,  Scarce Variety.  ic, Choice Au/Unc  $450.00  obv  rev         
Bank of Texas "The Commercial & Agricultural", Columbia   Daniel Boone vignette at left.    
    $1.00  Decent Balance & Contrast on this "C" plate Remainder. Nice, VF/XF  $335.00  obv  rev      
               I imaged the note with bottom edge folded under.  This is a fold and is not cut into design

Images and/or Description Only of some New Warrants - Please Email for Prices and/or Images

Provisional,  V=Velasco,  C=Columbia,  HW=Houston,  AW=Austin,  W=Washington  
Records of most of these warrants are housed at the Texas State Library & Archive (Information)
Find Research Links from my Home Page and  Republic of Texas Claims will take you the research area

PROVISIONAL - First Issue of Warrants    Wanted To Buy

P1 (Shull)  (Cr P2)  none in stock

VELASCO - Second Issue of Warrants     Wanted To Buy
V2  #509  Sept 6, 1836  $24  (military pay)  To Harper, it is endorsed on back by John Harper.  He was a San Jacinto Veteran.  I can't find any supporting records for this warrant in the State Archive.  He was given Donation Warrant #1169 according to the Archive on Oct 20th, 1841 for 640 acres of land.  Kemp says he arrived in Velasco from New Orleans Jan 28, 1836 and that he had a Headright Certificate issued Mach 2, 1838.  You can read the entire article on the San Jacinto website which you can reach from my Homepage under Research Links.    Nice detail, CoC  Fine  $425.00  obv  rev    
V2  #284      POR        obv  rev       

COLUMBIA - Third Issue of Warrants     Wanted To Buy
C2B  #628    POR    obv  rev       
C3  #1712    POR    obv  rev       

  #992  Oct 17th 1836  $25   Paid to Thomas R. Jackson.  This warrant is one of eleven (11) paid to this man on that day according to documents in the State Archive.  I have made copies of several of those documents and they will of course come with this warrant.  This man was also a San Jacinto Veteran.  He is listed incorrectly (by Kemp) as W.R. Jackson.  He listed him as a "member of Captain Moseley Baker's "San Felipe Company" in the official San Jacinto rolls as printed in pamhlet for in 1836".  Kemp had no other information on this man.  According to the Handbook of Texas he was also an attorney and had settled in Milam's colony as of March 1835.  He was Quartermaster of Cavalry for the Texian Army.  He dismounted and at San Jacinto fought as a Private instead of an officer.  He likely paid for a number of items out of his own pocket as this warrant is only a small part of $612 owed to him as of Oct 17th 1836.  On Oct 11th he was paid the initial $40 due him for the two months he served in 1835.  He endorsed this warrant over to Samuel D. Dixon and wrpte. "From me in favor of Samuel D Dickson (sic) for value received New Orleans, February 10, 1837."  Thos R. Jackson.  Sam D. Dixon endorsed his name beneath.  Clean example with small edge nick.  Nice!  CC, Fine (+) plus  $285.00  obv  rev            
C4  #2017  POR    obv  rev       
C5B  Unlisted Variety  #217    POR    obv  rev        (Format like C5A but some borders like C4A)
C5B  Unlisted Variety  #622    POR    obv  rev        (Format like C5A but some borders like C4A)
C8  #401      POR    obv  rev        Extremely Scarce!

HOUSTON - Fourth Issue of Warrants  

HW2  #3484  July 6, 1837  Charles Griffin, Military  $9.33  (31st May to 6th July, 1837)  He was Private in Captain D.L. Nelson's Company First Regiment of Infantry.  He joined the Army 9 October 1836 to serve for "During the War" and was honorably discharded from the Army of Texas.  He was from Philadelphia, 35 years old, 5 foot 6 inches high, dark hair and Hazel eyes with a dark complection.  He enlisted at the City of Houston 5th day of July 1837.  Copy of Warrant payment and discharge included with this item.  This warrant exhibits some water staining and the signature of Charles Griffin on the back is very weak and nearly faded out.  Ink Cancelled, VG  $175.00  obv  rev          
HW4-1  #5200    POR    obv  rev       
HW4-2  Unlisted Variety  #5200    POR    obv  rev        (Looks like HW4-1 but on "will pay" on 2nd line like earlier vars)
HW4A  #6158   No history or image at this time  (POR)    obv  rev       
HW4B  #4286  No history or image at this time  (request image and I'll quote price)
HW4B  #4391  September 18th 1837  James F. Johnson, Military  $72,00/00  Take a look at how $72 is written. This is really neat looking  With this document is an image of the original warrant made out to a Christopher Walters at Columbia on 24th Nov 1836 for $72.  Also other documents at Bexar where title was transferred from Walters to Johnson and then I think from Johnson to H.R. Allan.  On the obverse is statement, "Funded December 1837".  CoC, F+  $125.00  obv  rev          
HW5B  #3739  July 17th 1837  Jacob Jones, Military  $40,00,  Copy of Certificate of Discharge & Disability signed at Texana, June 27th 1837 by (I can't read the name) Surgeon 1st Regiment Texas Volunteers.  Jones had breating problems if I read the document correctly.  He had joined the Army 1 Oct 1836.  This warrant was one of two delivered to him July 17th, 1837.  This document was cut in half and put back together during the period.  You can see the four red dots under other tape that was used by the Embassy in New Orleans.  I suspect this warrant was present there, cut in half and returned to Texas and was put back together in the Treasury.  Stains and some water damage.  I believe this is a Scarcer Type warrant.  I don't have any notatons of handling HW5B in the last few years.  CiH & IC, VG/F  $185.00  obv  rev    SOLD          
HW6A  #1422   No history or image at this time  (request image and I'll quote price)
HW7  #8999  Signer of Declaration "Francisco Ruiz"  No history or image at this time  (request image and I'll quote price)
HW7  #
7776  Jan 2nd 1838  Charles Scarborough, Military  $82.71  Soldier, Taylor and Prisonor of War.  He was member of Major W.P. Miller's Battalion when he was captured by the Mexicans on March 20th 1836 and wasn't released until May 28th, 1836.  Is it possible that this soldier was at the Battle of Coleto and was captured and not executed?  Or, is he one of the few that escaped and/or was captured again later?  On March 20th 1836 James Fannin surrendered his troops to General Urea after a two day battle after retreating from Goliad.  General Santa Anna ordered all the prisoners executed on March 27th.  Documents say a few escaped.  Battle of San Jacinto was 21st April and this man shows up again on 28th May, 1836.  This warrant was Funded December 24th 1839.  Decent example, ic, VF(-)  $175.00  obv  rev    request image  
HW7  #5556  Oct 30th, 1837  John R. Kern (aka Kernes)  Military  $46.50  He was Private Co.A, 1st Regiment Regular Artellery.  He enlisted September 6th, 1836 "to serve for and during the War".  He lost "his script" to authorize payment.  His pay was OK's by Bernard Bee on Oct 28th.  Few light stains, ic, VF  $175.00  obv  rev   request image
HW7  #7777  January 2nd 1838  George Debrant  Military  $72.00  Endorsed on back by Robert H. Grimes, Attorney for George Debrant.  Nothing else available about this soldier.  Average, ic, VF+  $170.00  obv  rev    request image
HW9  #8397    No history or image at this time  (request image and I'll quote price)
HW9A  #5474    No history or image at this time  (request image and I'll quote price)
HW9A  #5390    No history or image at this time  (request image and I'll quote price)
HW10  #10320    No history or image at this time  (request image and I'll quote price)  
HW10  #10422  January 23rd, 1837  Samuel Dubois, Military for Clothing  He was Private in Lt. George Morgan's Co. 1st Regiment of Infantry.  This was one of two warrants issued for $104.00.  #10421 was $68.00.  This was balance due on clothing allowance with a previous draw of $21.50.  Choice, ic, XF  $325.00  obv  rev     request image  
Signature of ~ Eli Mercer ~ Battle of San Jacinto Veteran
Some of my family history in Texas
HW10  #9904  Nov 22, 1838  Military  Eli Mercer. Elijah Mercer was my Five (5) Great Uncle by marraige.  His wife Ann Nancy Thompson was the eldest sister of my Five (5) Great Grandfather John Thompson.  His son Roland, my Four (4) Great Grandfather named my Three (3) Great Grandfather John Mercer Thompson.  He then named my Two (2) Great Grandfather Elijah Mercer Thompson so this name is speical in our family!  Eli and Ann's eldest daughter, Penelope married Gail Borden (Borden Milk) while they were still living in Amite County, Mississippi.  Another item I found interesting while researching this document is that Eli was Orderly Sergeant in Capt. Heard's Company, 1st Regiment Texas Volunteers.  Eli Mercer Thompson married Mary Heard of Georgia and my mother here in Texas was kin to Texas Heards I recall her saying the Heards were here during the Revolution and most all the Heards in Mississippi and later Texas came from Georgia.  Not For Sale   obv  rev      

AUSTIN - Fifth Issue of Warrants  [*  The image with AW2A in Criswell is incorrect.  He shows another AW2.]   



Naval Appropriation:
  3 to sheet [ $50  $25  $25 ]  numbered consecutively  
Sheet     #  none in stock
AW3     $25  #417  John Maloney, Private Marine.  I contacted the State Library for help with researching this man.  I couldn't find anything on him in the State Archive at first.  They told me he ws listed on all records as "Jno Maloney".  He is aka "Jno Mellon" and "Jno Malenye".  Using Ancestry I was able to locate six records.  He was from Fannin County and served as a Marine on three of four Texas Navy ships.  Hinton was his commanding officer on the SS Zavala, Moore on the Flag Ship Austin and the Brig Wharton 1840-1843.  He is also a Veteran of the Mexican War (1845-46) and lastly he is on the rolls as a blacksmith for a Regular Ranger Company according to AG Records.  Naval Warrants for Marines are quite scarce and more so for a man who was also a Texas Ranger!  cc,F/VF  $295.00  obv  rev  cut    
AW3     $25  #2205  James O'Shannessey (aka O'Shannesy, O'Shaunessy)  "for" notation indicates Flagship Austin and that James was a Naval Lieutenant at the time this warrant was issued.  He is also found as Lieutenant Commanding and listed only as ship Captain.  He was Executive Officer on Schooner of War San Benard and Schooner of War San Jacinto and would be Captain (Lt. Commanding) of the San Jacinto.  This warrant is crooked cut but that is typical.  What isn't typical for this note is that it is UN-cancelled!  Au/Cu  $345.00  obv  rev  cut     
AW3A  $25  #  none in stock
AW4     $50  #892  L.G. Taylor, Shipping Master, Flagship Austin.  Extra selvage, CoC VF+  $375.00  obv  rev   
AW4     $50  #192  Patrick Gorman, Sergeant Marine, Flagship Austin.  Gorman enlisted in the Texian Army at New Orleans on the 12th of February 1837.  He was 25 years old and was born in Ireland.  His professon was listed as "Soldier".  Someone signed for him when he enlisted with "his X mark" between his name; however, all the other documents show a different hand and apparently he could write.  The State Archive still has four $25 warrants made out to this Soldier/Marine in his file.  There are two documents showing him being paid at the Navy Yard (Galveston) in 1839.  The first was his "Bounty" for joining the Navy as a Marine of $20 on August 21st and the 2nd on 9th Nov of $16 (2 months) as Corporal of Marines.  There are stains, ink burns, splits & couple small tears.  Still nicely balanced, CC, Fine  $245.00  obv  rev  cut      
AW5B  #3415    No history or image at this time  (request image and I'll quote price)
AW10  #(01)  This is a Remainder that has been falsely filled in probably by Tom Bain c.1970's or earlier.  Hugh Shull's catalog lists this item as Rarity: 6 with a value of $150 to $300.  Nice with part another left end, AU-  $85.00  obv  rev   
AW10   #(02)  Another remainder..   As last but cut correctly.  Au/Unc  POR  obv  rev   
AW10A  #300  Issued & SCARCE   (POR)   obv  rev       

Take this link for more Austin Warrants:
 State 1846-1861    

WASHINGTON - Sixth Issue of Warrants   

W3  #443  No history or image at this time  (POR)    obv  rev       
W4  #965  No history or image at this time   (POR)    obv  rev       
W5  #1056  No history or image at this time   (POR)    obv  rev       
W6A  #1744  No history or image at this time  (request image and I'll quote price)   

BONDS & STOCKS    Request Reverse Images

Government of Texas - Houston  Bond   none in stock

$100  #
$500  #
Repubic of Texas - Austin   Certificate of Stock   (cataloged as bond)   none in stock

$100  #
$500  #

Galveston Bay and Texas Land Company, 1830
Early Colonization Certificate:
For colonizing the tracts of land granted by the Government of Mexico and the State of Coahuila y Tejas as governed by Empresarios Lorenzo de Zavala, Joseph Vehleln and David G. Burnet.
One Sitio of Land                  Make an Offer!  Belongs to a Customer
#1274  (4428 402/1000 acres)  Thomas E. Darby
Folded into quarters this sheet was mounted in some type of book that was held together with clamps that are outlined along the border.  The paper has aged somewhat but overall nice.  This denomination is said to be at least four (4x) times scarcer than the One Labor.   $1,200.00  image   
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Certificate of Stock

Polk County, Trainity River, Texas 1838.  The Town of Swartwout is a "Ghost Town" and is now under water.  This is an above average example of this certificate with only a couple tiny pieces off right edge.  There is a little ink erosion where "are" was written in and "is" crossed out.  Made out to Cruger & Moore who now owned the Newspaper & Shop that printed this document:  Telegraph Press - Houston.  VF-  $1,850.00  obv  rev   

Capital Stock
CITY of PORTLAND, Matagorda County, Republic of Texas
Reworking my writeup
$50.00  #28  Denominations reported of $50, $100, $200 and $500.  This venture never got off the ground. The name at left is that of Edward Eugene Este.  The signature at right, Nicholas Clopper.  I believe both signatures to be secretarial .  I think Nicholas Clopper was written in by Andrew M. Clopper his son.  I have looked at a number of the documents in the Texas Archive for comparrisions and these are simply educated guesses on my part.  Andrew's A looks quite similar to the N in Nicholas and Clopper is nearly identical  I could find no examples of Nicholas' handwriting in the Archive but I did find Andrew's where he turned in a report and claim for lost horses, one of which was Burnett's.  The signature of E.E. Este looks erily similar to the handwriting of David G. Burnett in a document where he is Admistrator of the Este estate in 1852.  Nicholas Clopper was 75 years old in 1841 and died in Ohio in December of that year.  Nicholas came to Texas in 1822 and was prominent in Stephen F. Austin's Colony.  The Handbook is deficient in that the City of Portland and this land venture aren't mentioned.  Another land venture related to Nicholas Clopper is New Hope, Texas.  It has a short mention in the Handbook, but the biographer made a mistake.  Other documents exist that tell more about the history of the Clopper & Este families.  A few copies are included.  In any case, this document is Choice!  Au/Unc  $1,950.00  obv  rev       
COUNTY SCRIPT (Republic & State)

Republic:  none in stock

State:(Civil War)
Washington County - Brenham  c.1862     50¢   Remainder  Train  AU+  $100.00  obv  rev       
Washington County - Brenham  c.1862   $2.00  Remainder  Printer  AU-  $125.00  obv  rev    
Washington County - Brenham  c.1862   $3.00  Remainder  Cotton Picker  AU  $125.00  obv  rev       
Van Zandt County - Jordan's Saline  1862  R. W. Rodgers  $1.00  Remainder  (Request Image & POR)
Van Zandt County - Jordan's Saline  1862  R. W. Rodgers  $1.00  Remainder  (Request Image & POR)

SAM HOUSTON    none in stock       

*See, AW3, for a Naval Warrant to a Marine who would later become a Texas Ranger.        

State of Texas (1846-1861)
AW9A-S (TW-Unl) #160 May 13th 1846.   State Issue of Republic document.  Republic crossed out and State written in above.   Written out to what looks like W.W. Hardeman; but it is W.N. Hardeman.  The signature on the back matches those in his State Archive file.  He is aka Wm. Hardman.  This warrant is for milage of the Members of Legislature during the session where Texas joined Union 1845.  He was born in Tennessee about 1817-18 and was a resident of Travis County living in or near to Austin.  He served in the Texas Army early in 1836 being paid by Paymaster General Poe at Velasco September 10, 1836 and he would later serve under Captain Samuel Bogart in 1842.  He would be mustered into the Texas State Troops in July 1863.  The reverse shows another handwritten document.  Dated Austin, 13th May 1846, James B. Shaw, Comptroller, to "The Collector of Galveston" to pay W. W. (sic) Hardiman (sic) to pay the specified amount, likely in specie.  This is only the 3rd document of this type I've handled.  Minor tape repair reverse it is,  Ic,CoC, VF  $250.00  obv  rev  SOLD    
AW9A-S (TW-Unl) #183 May 13th 1846.     State Issue of Republic document.  Republic crossed out and State written in above.  Payment to D. Muckleroy.  As last, pay & milage of Members of Legislature for service as Member of the Republic of Texas' last Legislature.  The reverse endorsement is similar to last, but is slightly different.  "Comptroller's Office, Austin, May 13th, 1846" says "The Collector of Texian Customs at Galveston will pay &c.  David Muckleroy endorses this payment over to someone else on back.  David Muckleroy was born about 1806 in Georgia and lived in Nacogdoches in 1860.  He was 54 years old in 1860, so he was about 40 years old when he served in the Texas Legislature.  There is very little info on this man.  He was a farmer of substantial wealth with $30,000 in real estate and $23,000 personal property.  He wasn't paid for "corn" he provided the Army in 1838 until 1853.  Piece missing, ic,coc, VF  $250.00  obv  rev       

Two New Varieties of Texas Warrants
AW22  #15275  May 31, 1860  $100.00  Patrick. O. Gorman.  Salary of Chief Clerk in the Treasurers Office.  This his pay for May 1860. Born about 1820 in Ireland, little is known of this man other than he lived in Austin, Travis County, Texas as a border.  He owned personal real estate of $5000 and personal property of $1000.  It is indicated that he was Half (1/2) Deaf.  All four corner tips cut off.  Stamped PAID  AU+/-  $95.00  obv  rev    request images
AW22  #15277  May 31, 1860  $116.66  George J. Durham.  Salary Chief Clerk Comptroller's Office for May 1860.  Durham's signature is found on many Texas documents.  PAID stamp, Choice AU/CU  $125.00  obv  rev  request images  AW22  #15446  June 25, 1860  $75.00  A. M. Wigginton, per (his attorney) J. M. Swisher.  Swisher & Co endorsed on back of document.  He was about 42 years old in 1860, was born in Kentucky and lived in Austin, Travis County, Texas.  This is for pay as Assistant Clerk in the State Department for one month ending June 18, 1860.  His occupation listed on Census of 1860 was Lawyer.  Paid stamp, Ch Au/Cu  $85.00  obv  rev  
AW22  #15478  June 30, 1860  $116.66  George J. Durham.  Salary Chief Clerk Comptroller's Office for June 1860.  PAID stamp, nibbles left end, AU+    $115.00  obv  rev    request images       
AW22  #15481  June 30, 1860  Joseph E. Field, per J. M. Swisher.  This warrant is for "Pension 6 Months" from the State for service in the Republic of Texas Army.  He was a physician arriving in Texas in 1833.  He would serve as a Soldier who was present at Siege of Bexar.  He later joined James Walker Fannin's command and fought at Battle of Coleto where he was captured.  He was spared at the Goliad Massacre so the he could treat wounded Mexican soldiers.  He would later escape and hear the news of San Jacinto.  He wrote "Three Years in Texas" which was published in 1836.  He was living in Florida when this warrant was issued.  Paid, Choice Au/Cu  $135.00  obv  rev    request images    SOLD   
AW22  #15487  June 30, 1860  $100.00  Patrick. O. Gorman.  Salary of Chief Clerk in the Treasurers Office.  This his pay for June 1860.  Born about 1820 in Ireland, little is known of this man other than he lived in Austin, Travis County, Texas as a border.  He owned personal real estate of $5000 and personal property of $1000.  He was Half (1/2) Deaf.   Very nice and like previous, stamped PAID  Ch Au/.Cu  $115.00  obv  rev    request images    *Another PO Gorman AW23 #17816
AW22  #15588  July 10th 1860  $250.00  Benjamin Franklin Shumard.  Salary State Geologist for month ending July 10th, 1860.  Known internationally by his publications.  Paid, Stains, edge rough, XF/AU  $135.00  obv  rev   request images 
AW22  #15589  July 11th 1860  $7.00  Phelps & Johnson (Merchant)  ":Support of Blind Asylum" for "Sundries furnished Blind Asylum".  Today known as Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.  The Blind Asylum was created by the 6th Legislature in 1856. (J.S. Phelps & J. Johnson are mentioned in the Handbook of Texas in article on New Hope, TX (Dallas County).  Both men had Texas Land Grants.  Paid, Stains, corner tip off,  XF/AU  $120.00  obv  rev  request images       
AW22  #155929  July 12th 1860  $80.60  J. M. Williams, per S. M. Swenson, assignee.  I couldn't find anything on Williams other than what is stated in the document.  "Cost due Clerks & Baliffs & Attorneys" for "Cost due Sheriff of Smith County in Sundry cases."  J. M. Williams was Sheriff of Smith County, Texas.   Paid, AU  $115.00  obv  rev  request images
AW22  #15596  July 12th 1860  $28.26  Hermann Friedrich Bensemann.  Bensemann was born in Hanover Germany in 1802.  He arrived in Texas sometime before 1850 and became a citizen in 1854.  He was paid for "Taking Scholastic Census 1859 & 1860 for Medina County, Texas.  Reverse endorsement by George Durham, Chief Clerk saying that funds (in part) had been deposited to his account.  Paid, few light stains and rough edge, XF/AU  $95.00  obv  rev    request images

Separation by Date
1)  AW23a  State:  February 19, 1846 - January 31, 1861;  
2)  AW23b  2nd Republic (ie Unalligned State):  February 1, 1861 - March 2, 1861  
3)  AW23c  Confederate:  March 3, 1861 - May/June/July 1865  (you pick a date)

State of Texas

 #16,206  August 31st 1860  $662.50  Paid to the order of nine (9) different clerks.  "Salary Nine Assistant Clerks Comptroller's Office" for the month of August 1860.  HW Raglin, CR Johns, JB Costa, Ben Ware (sic is Weir), RD Harris, WA Pitts, JM Clairborne, JE Rector and AN Hopkins.  Some of these names are known to Texana collectors.  The most interesting aspect of this document is that there are three more documents attached where Weir, Pitts and Rector ask "Judge" C.R. Randolph to pay others their salary.  Eight of the clerks were paid $75 per month and one was only paid $62.50.  C.R. Johns who signs this document received one of the payments and endorsed the back.  All the Clerks signed the back of the document except Weir who had someone sign for him.  This is a great piece of Texas fiscal document showing how pay was allocated within the Comptroller's Office.  Edge Stain & split, Paid stamp, Abt XF  $150.00  obv  #01  #02  #03   SOLD   
AW23a  #16273  September 19th 1860  $24.70  William Martin Barrett, per M. C. Rogers (likely attorney).  Rogers name is found on the back.  Nothing much known about him except the 1860 Census shows him living in Huntsville, that he was born in Tennessee and was 65 years old (b.1795).  This document is for "Salary of Three Directors of Penitentiary" for "December 1859 and 5 days of January 1860 from Quarter Ending 29 Feb 1860."  There is nothing in Barrett's biography to indicate he was a Director of the Huntsville Penitentiary.  He was an architect, contractor, Colonel in Mexican War and officer in Civil War for TST.  Water stain at edge, Paid stamp, still quite nice, XF/AU  $85.00  obv  rev    request images

2nd Republic or Unalligned State       

AW23b  #16977  February 5th 1861  $7.50  Frank Gildart.  State Department, "Services as Extra Clerk" for 3 days at $2.50 per day.  The Civil War National Archive records show that Grank Gildart lived in Travis County Texas and was enrolled as a Conscript (drafted) Soldier.  His name is mentioned in Brigadier General N.G. Shelly's papers.  It seems that he was arrested as a possible deserter and held as a "Political Prisoner" by orders of General Magruder.  A writ of habeas corpus was issued to show just cause.  (Copy included).  Light stain, decent Type, PAID stamp, AU+  $135.00  obv  rev   SOLD

Confederate  -  
I'm really not sure how to catalog these.  Thought about TW50.  They are same, only dates are different!

AW23c  #17103  March 4th 1861  $18.00  Edward Clark.  "Support Blind Asylum" for "Hire of Servant Adeline to Blind Asylum 1 Month to February 12th 1861".  Civil War Governor Edward Clark (signature rev), who replaced Sam Houston as Governor, rented out his servant (Slave) "Adeline" to help out at the Blind Asylum during the Secession Convention.  This is a Texas Slave Document and is Scarce!  No stains, 2 edges rough,  Paid, Abt. AU  $175.00  obv  rev   SOLD  
AW23c  #17107  March 4th 1861  $56.00  F. Dohme.  "10 Cords Wood for Comptroller's Office".  This wood was most likely used during the Secession Convention.  Little is known about F. Dohme.  He was born in Hamburg Germany in 1833, he was 28 years old when this document ws issued and his home was Austin, Travis County, Texas.  His profession was listed as Builder.  Others in his household were listed as Stone Cutter and Printer.  He indicated wealth of $4000 real estate & $500 personal property on the 1860 census.  Paid stamp, Choice XF/AU  $95.00  obv  rev      request images
AW23c  #17343  March 25th 1861  $465.00  Alexis T. Rainey  Pay & Mileage Members of Convention.  This is payment to Chief delegate of Secesson Convention from Palestine, Anderson County, Texas.  He took $100 in advance to help defray his expenses from the Committee on Public Safety.  He wrote a letter explaining what he did and instructed the Comptroller to tell the Treasurer to only pay $365.00.  There is a letter attached to this warrant.  Rainey organized a unit called Anderson County Invincibles at Palestine and they became part of the Frist Texas Infantry.  He was elected Major and was later promoted to Lt. Colonel.  After being wounded at Gaines' Mill, he returned and served on the staff of General John Bankhead Magruder down in Housotn.  A facinating piece of Texas Fiscal History!  All average Very Fine or better,  $350.00  obv  rev  letter    
AW23c  #17406  April 2d 1861  $143.24  to  John T. Miller.  Nothing is known of this man other than he was paid "Keep of horese, buggy hire &c" for the Geological Survey.  Nice for Type, AU+  $95.00  obv  rev     request images
AW23c  #17443  April 3d 1951  $75.00  to  William M. Rust  "Contingent Expenses Geological Bureau" for "Services of boy George as cook to Geological Survey".  Texas Slave document.  Wm. Rust rented his servant out as cook for the State Geological Bureau.  Wm. Rust was a 2nd Lieutenant in Captain Wm Tom's Company Texas Rangers in 1855.  He would be elected Captain, company of recruits for Carter's Regiment, Texas Lancers CSA for Burnet & Milam Counties in 1862 and is listed as mustering in at Camp Carter, near Hempstead.  Choice AU+  $250.00  obv  rev    request images
AW23c  #17448  April 4th 1861  $333.33  Beriah Graham  "Support &c of Lunatic Asylum".  This was two months salary as Superintendant of Lunatic Asylum 1 Feb to 1 April 1861.  Endorsment on back for part pay of $100 May 24th and balance paid June 8th.  Few worm holes, otherwise AU-  $100.00  obv  rev     request images
AW23c  #17463  April 5th 1861  $20.83  Abner Pickens Blocker (Sr) per assignee George G. Simcox.  I couln't find any information in the Handbook on Blocker, Sr., but there are bios for AP Blocker, Jr and his two brothers who became well known trail drivers.  I found Geo. G. Simcox, who endorsed the warrant, on a document in the State Archive.  He apparently was the assignee or executor of estate for George Hill, deceased. who died in the Woll Campaign, Dawson's Company 1842 in what became known as Dawson's Masacre.  Hill lost his horse & equipment and his father was paid in 1855.  This warrant is for "Porter hire to Comptrollers Office".  No way to tell if this is a Slave document or simply hired hands who could have been Mexican, Gringo or Black.  His ranch was in Blanco County.  He was born in SC in 1822 and is buried in Austin.  This is a very nice example for "Type" with one edge nick.  AU+  $85.00  obv  rev    request images
AW23c  #17474  April 6th 1861  $160.00  George Washington Wright  per Micajah Louis Armstrong.  This warrant being for "Pay & Mileage Member & Officers of State Convention".  Geo. W. Wright was a delegate to the Secession Convention for Lamar County (Paris).  M. L. Armstrong was a Legislator representing Lamar County (Paris) and both their signatures are found on the back of this warrant.  They were both Unionist.  Wright would serve the Confederacy after secession as well as Armstrong who took an "Oath".  Armstrong would later be a delegate to the 1868-69 Constitutional Convention.  A rather different piece of Texas history.  Paid stamp, VF/XF and clean overall.  $145.00  obv  rev    request images
AW23c  #17481  April 8th 1861  $180.00  James M. Burroughs  "unreconstructed rebel"  This warrant being for "Pay & Milage Members & Officers of Convention."  He was the Harris County representative to the Secession Convention.  During War he was a scout and Major of artillery.  Post War he would serve as President of the Galveston Wharf Company.  There is a larger statement on the back and oddly it orders the assessor & collector of Sabine County to pay his expenses.  He was on the Foreign Relations Committee and perhaps this payment was related to that purpose instead of coming from Harris & Galveston Counties &c.  In any case, Burroughs endorses this warrant on both sides.  Just his full name on the front and a full statement of receiving this payment May 10th 1861 on the back.  Paid, XF  $135.00    obv  rev    request images                 
AW23c  #17718  April 30th 1861  $185.00  John Ireland  for "Pay &c Members & Officers of State Convention".  He was Mayor of Seguin, Guadalupe County at time of Secession Convention.  He would join the Army as Private and end service as Lt. Colonel.  He would become Governor of Texas in 1882.   There are a couple edge nicks at right end, Paid stamp, signed reverse, Guadalupe County &c, VF/XF  $225.00  obv  rev   request images         
AW23  #178167  June 8th 1861  $100.00  Patrick. O. Gorman.  "Salary of Chief Clerk in the Treasurer's Office".  This his pay for April 1861.  Born about 1820 in Ireland, little is known of this man other than he lived in Austin, Travis County, Texas as a border.  He owned personal real estate of $5000 and personal property of $1000.  He was Half (1/2) Deaf.   Very nice and like previous, stamped PAID  Ch AU  $115.00  obv  rev    request images    *Another PO Gorman AW22 #15275

..................  Texas German History ........  

Father of Texas Botany  Wikipedia   

 Ferdinand Jacob Lindheimer (<Handbook)  

AW23c  #17782  June 5th 1861  $160.00  F. F. (sic is J) Lindheimer for "Printing for Convention" this amount for "printing of Constitution of the Confederate State, Address &c for the Convention".  This document doesn't specificially say so, but the printing would have been in German.  There are besides this warrant two other documents attached to it. One is a Duplicate of Exchange dated at New Braunfels June 13th 1861 for $140.00 to a Guntar Conrad on "The Treasury of the State of Texas, Austin" and that document is signed by Ferdinand J. Lindheimer Publisher N. B. Zeitung.  F. J. Lindheimer was owner and publisher of the New Braunfels newspaper (established 1852) which is today known as New Braunfels Herald * Zeitung.  Mr Conrad endorses that payment over to E. B. Child.  The next document is statement by F. J. Lindheimer, Printer, for the State to allow $20 to Mr. W. von Rosenberg for the printing of the Constitution of Confederate States in German.  W. Von Rosenberg endorses the back of that document.  Another warrant tells us that Wilhelm von Rosenberg translated documents from English to German.  Lindheimer is best known as Father of Texas Botany with many plants found in the State bearing his name.  These documents represent a very historic piece of Texas history!  I was tempted to dismount the other two documents and offer them individually; but, I have decided to list them as one lot.  These items are very clean with the warrant XF/AU, the draft VF/XF and the letter XF+.  Several images are provided so that you can see for yourself what these pieces represesnt.  This item:  $750.00
Images:  #01    #02    #03    #04    #05    #06                         
>>>>Related Warrant <<<<  

ROSENBERG, CARL WILHELM VON  (Handbook of Texas)   aka William

Other images of Carl Wm. von Rosenberg

AW23c  #17478  April 6th 1861  $20.00  W. Von Rosenberg  "Contingent Expenses of 8th Legislature" for "Translating the Constitution of the Confederate States" (into German).  This payment for "translation" by the State was much earlier than the previous warrant to Lindheimer.  He was paid by the State here and the latter to Lindheimer was most likely for translating the subsequent Address and any other documents which he printed.  Top edge rough, few worm holes.  XF+  $350.00  obv  rev   

Image #2 borrowed from Family History of Von Rosenberg family (Other Images above is one of their links)

 ..........Pair (Lindenheimer & Von Rosenberg) Together   $1000.00   Firm!  

Post War Texas
TW80  #816  8 March 1869  $50.00  to   A. H. Longley & Co    Longley was born in Missouri about 1840 and was 20 years old and living with the Mcgary family in Austin when the census was taken in 1860.  He is found on the rolls in the National Archive as a Travis County, Texas Conscript and his name is listed in General N. G. Shelley's Texas State Troops papers as being No.89.  That document is undated but lists 138 names of men between 18 and 50 years of age in District No.1, Travis County Texas who had not enlisted in the Army under the Law organizing the State troops approved 25th December 1861.  There were no other service records for this man.  By 1869 he was apparently in the printing business and was paid by the Comptroller's Office for printing various documents.  ic, AU+  $115.00  obv  rev   

TW80  #835  13 March 1869  $104.00  to  John T. Allan  "Pay of Employee &c Convention"  John Allan has been called the "Father of Industrial Education in Texas".  He was from Scotland, bookkeeper, carpenter, wheelwright, lawyer.  Lived in Nacogdoches and later Austin.  The Handbook says he went to Louisiana and was an officer in the Confederate Army; but, I am unable to find any records of military service in the National Archive material.  I did find his name on Shelley's list of Texas Conscript as No.107.  I don't believe he served as an officer.  He was State Treasurer when the Constitution of 1869 was held in Austin to make severe and drastic changes to the State Constitution.  Very Choice, ic, Au/Unc  $145.00  obv  rev       
TW80  #840  13 March 1869  $24.00  to  George Armstrong  "Pay of Employee &c of Convention"  John T. Allan was his "assignee".  He is only found in "Confederate Citizen & Business" file in the National Archive material.  The Constitution of 1869 was held in Austin.  Original size, ic, edge nibbling, XF+/-  $95.00  obv  rev           
TW80  #899  31 March 1869  $208.34  to  William Copeland Philips  for  Salary of Secretary of State.  Pay for month of March 1869 inclusive.  This man was a staunch supporter of Sam Houston and a Unionist.  He fought a duel with John F. Marshall over politics.  Missing pieces but still a neat piece,  ic, yet decent,  $80.00  obv  rev          

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