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20  April 2014

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San Felipe de Austin  $50.00  

Star Note
- HOUSTON     BUYING:  Star Notes... Any Denomination ... Any Condition!!!
                                                                 Wanted to Buy!      PLEASE QUOTE

Star Notes - none in stock

Government of TexasHOUSTON   Notes dated 1838 & 39


Buying $1, $3 & $5  Any Condition

H14  $1  none in stock
H15  $3  none in stock
H16  $5  none in stock

H17  $10  #552  Smith/Houston  Balanced with decent contrast, date faded,  cc, VG+  $490.00  obv  rev  
H17  $10  #2938  Smith/Houston  Balanced, good contrast, but very wrinkled, cc, Fine  $550.00  obv  rev  
H17  $10  #2987  Smith/Houston  Close along btm, Bright, Good Color & Contrast, cc, Ch F/VF  $625.00  obv  rev   
H17A  $10  #2087  Smith/Houston  Full border with good color & contrast.  cc, F+  $575.00  obv  rev   
H17A  $10  #2382  Smith/Houston  Crisp, wrinkled, Endorsement.  Decent contrast, cc, VF(-)  $550.00  obv  rev    
H17A  $10  #2005  Dunlop/Lamar  Crisp, light wrinkles, Fully Balanced, tiny repair btm left, cc, VF- $395.00  obv  rev  
H17A  $10  #490  Dunlop/Lamar  Crisp, Full Balance, Nice Contrast.  cc, VF-  $450.00  obv  rev   

H18  $20   none in stock     
H19  $20    none in stock
H20  $20   none in stock

H21  $50  #1056  Smith/Houston  Balanced, numerous repairs, ReIssued by Brigham.  CC, F(+)  $420.00  obv  rev        
H21A  $50  #2933  Smith/Houston  Great Balance & Contrast.  Erosion at right serial number.  Tiny triangular piece missing to right of Sailor.  Evidence of Foxing right half.  Evidence of mounting reverse.  CC, Apparent XF  $550.00  obv  rev       
H21A  $50  #2933  Dunlop/Lamar  Nice Balance, Color & Contrast  Choice, cc, VF+  $595.00  obv  rev      
H21B  $50   none in stock
H21C-I  $50  #2421  Dunlop/Lamar  Faded Red Ink Serial No's & Date.  CC, F+  $540.00  obv  rev      

MEDALLION Issue  -  Houston  

Buying Medallion Notes - Any Condition!

There are two variety for each denomination..    
H22/23  $1  none in stock
H24/25  $2  none in stock
H26/27  $3  none in stock

Consolidated Fund of Texas  

CF10  $100  #5367  Charles D. Sayre  This document is one of several that totaled $2500 transferred to Holford Brancker & Co by Charles Sayre on the 12th of October 1839 in New York City.  There are a number of documents related to Sayre in the Texas Archive.  I found what I was looking for in the first one I opened, listed as AU (Audited Dept).  This is a very nice example that I grade as CC, VF/XF  $275.00  obv  rev    

AUSTIN      none in stock
CF14  $100

Republic of Texas
Austin  Change Notes:     A1 $1    A2  $2    A3  $3
These notes have blank reverses
There may be archival tape closing cuts as well as pin-holes I do not mention in my descriptions.

A1    $1    
A1  $1  #5552  Decent color & contrast with cut out at right signature(filled), CC, VG/F  $335.00  obv  rev   
A1  $1  #8565  Dark paper with decent balance & contrast.  CC, VF+  $350.00  obv  rev   
A1  $1  #3556  White paper, well balanced, very rumpled, CC, F(-)  $375.00  obv  rev   
A1  $1  #4665  Cut from PMG holder (VF20 lable with note), CC,F/VF  $380.00  obv  rev   
A1  $1  #53  Full Border, A. Brigham signature, Nice Contrast, CC, F+  $390.00  obv  rev   
A1  $1  #15  Full Border, Blue right signature, darker paper, CC, Fine  $405.00  obv  rev  
A1  $1  #6102  Nice above average example, CC, VF/XF  $410.00  obv  rev   
A1  $1  #204    Whiter paper, PMG VF25 holder,  CC,  $425.00  obv  rev   
A1  $1  #1622  Nice balance, CC, Fine +   $450.00  obv  rev   
A1  $1  #3515  Great Color, Contrast & Balance,  Choice CC, Fine +  $475.00  obv  rev   

A2    $2   

A2  $2  #4802  Nice balance & contrast, CC, Fine(-)  $495.00  obv  rev    
A2  $2  
#5364  Balanced, good color & contrast, CC, Fine  $550.00  obv  rev   
A2  $2  #1620  Balance, Great Contrast, nearly full frame.  CC, Fine+  $575.00  obv  rev   

  A3    $3    
A3  $3  #2764  Balanced cut, abover average, CC, Fine(+)  $465.00  obv  rev   
A3  $3  #7613  Crooked cut left end but decent overall.  CC, Fine+  $475.00  obv  rev   
A3  $3  #4660  Balanced cut, hinges close cuts, tiny hole, tad brighter.  CC, Fine+  $495.00  obv  rev  

Austin Red Backs   A4 $5   A5 $10   A6 $20   A7 $50   A8 $100   A9 $500

Large 5 Pointed Star with T*E*X*A*S between the points
The color is actually a Burnt-Orange
There may be archival tape closing cuts as well as pin-holes I do not mention in my descriptions.

A4    $5    
A4  $5  #4000  Nice color & contrast.  Small tip of top left corner,  CC, Fine(-)  $360.00  obv  rev   
A4  $5  #4929  Average circulated with a few spots, otherwise decent, CC, Fine(-)  $365.00  obv  rev   
A4  $5  #2602  Nice Balance, Color & Contrast.  Above Average!  CC, Fine(+)  $475.00  obv  rev             

A5    $10      
A5  $10  #6446  Good color, contrast & balance, Avg. CC, F+  $425.00  obv  rev  
A5  $10  #5750  Stamp hinge rev, above avg., Nice CC, F/VF  $465.00  obv  rev      
A5  $10  #4487  Great Color & Contrast, Choice!  CC,VF+  $525.00  obv  rev   

A6    $20       
A6  $20  #4814  Inexpensive, Cut in Half, with Funded Stamp & CC, VG  $165.00  obv  rev  
A6  $20  #2535  Wrinkled yet balanced & bright, PCGS VF25 Apparent CC, VF(-)  $395.00  obv  rev   HOLD  
A6  $20  #1995  Decent Balance & Contrast, few light spots.  CC, Fine(+)  $375.00  obv  rev   
A6  $20  #2850  Brighter thicken paper, Nice, CC, Fine +  $425.00  obv  rev   
A6  $20  #1457  Nice balance, great color & contrast.  Initials, Very Choice CC, VF+  $460.00  obv  rev      
A6  $20  #1740  Great Color, Contrast & Balance, Choice, CC, VF+  $475.00  obv  rev   
A6  $20  #5301  "Warneker & Kirshhoff" merchant endorsement, PCGS XF40, CC, $485.00  obv  rev   
A6  $20  #5312  Very Nice example, PMG Choice XF45 EPQ, CC, $525.00  obv  rev   
A6  $20  #740    Nice & Bright, Very Choice PMG AU55 EPQ, CC, $575.00  obv  rev  

A7    $50       
A7  $50  #2757  Good color & contrast, tight left end.  Avg note, CC, Fine (+)  $335.00  obv  rev  
A7  $50  #1490  Crispy, a bit wrinkled, nice average note, endorsements rev.  CC, Fine (+)  $360.00  obv  rev   
A7  $50  #4139  Endorsement dated 1846 rev., Avg Plus, CC, Fine (+)  $375.00  obv  rev  cut 
A7  $50  #2187  Endorsement rev, Avg. Plus.  CC, Fine (+)  $395.00  obv  rev   
A7  $50  #5044  Great Balance, Color & Contrast!  Thin paper, Choice, CC, F/VF(+)  $490.00  obv  rev   
A7  $50  #1032  Great Color, Contrast & Balance!  Choice, CC, Very Fine (+) plus  $535.00  obv  rev     
A7  $50  #5886  "Confirmation of T.S. Bomatt" rev, Very Nice, Choice!  CC, XF/AU  $525.00  obv  rev  cut       
A7  $50  #4680  Close top, ink spot bottom, otherwise Very Choice!  CC, AU+  $550.00  obv  rev    
A7  $50  #515    Thick paper variety and Very Bright!  PCGS XF40 PPQ  $600.00  obv  rev    
A7  $50  #3621  Manuscript ink faded, nice for no cancellatons!  UnCancelled ~ FINE  $750.00  obv  rev  

A8    $100         

A8  $100  #1242  Balanced color & contrast.  Small hole repaired top right.  CC, Fine  $995.00  obv  rev   
A8  $100  #703  Nice Balance & Color, nicks along top edge..  CC, Fine  $1,050.00  obv  rev   
A8  $100  
#1403  Balanced with Good Color & Contrast.  CC PMG VF20  $1,275.00  obv  rev   
A8  $100  #761  Good Color & Contrast, small split top right.  cc, Fine  $1,375.00  obv  rev          
A8  $100  #1639  Fully balanced, Crispy with Good Color & Contrast!  cc,Fine (+) plus  $1,450.00  obv  rev   

A9    $500      

A9 $500  #1106  This scarce denomination exhibits Great Color & Contrast and it is Well Balanced.  There is a very light Funded stamp with filled triangular cut out at left.  CoC, Fine (++) plus plus  $3,995.00  obv  rev     Time Pay Available

Private Issues:  Business or Bank  
Kelsey H. Douglas - payable, Nacogdoches, TX and/or New Orleans   [Sheets issued as 1123  &  2235]       
    **  Uncut Sheet - Light Ink Cancellation - $2 $2 $3 $5  Nice Condition  $1500.00  obv  rev             
    $2.00  #697  Great Color, Contrast & Balance, some erosion at XX coancellations, ic, F/VF  $695.00  obv  rev                       $3.00  #  Remainder  Very Choice with extremely light X, edge repair top left, ic, AU  $335.00  obv  rev     
    $5.00  #  Remainder  Very Choice with light X,  Scarce Variety.  ic, Choice Au/Unc  $435.00  obv  rev                    
    $5.00  #806  Very Choice Color, Contrast & Balance.  Cancelled, Super Nice!  $975.00  obv  rev                      
Bank of Texas "The Commercial & Agricultural", Columbia   Daniel Boone vignette at left.    
    $1.00     none in stock

Provisional,  V=Velasco,  C=Columbia,  HW=Houston,  AW=Austin,  W=Washington  
Records of most of these warrants are housed at the Texas State Library & Archive (Information)
Find Research Links from my Home Page and  Republic of Texas Claims will take you the research area

PROVISIONAL - First Issue of Warrants    Wanted To Buy
P    none in stock

VELASCO - Second Issue of Warrants     Wanted To Buy

V  #    none in stock

COLUMBIA - Third Issue of Warrants     Wanted To Buy

C1  #    none in stock
C2c  #
C5A  #

HOUSTON - Fourth Issue of Warrants  

HW2  #3724  July 17th 1837  pay to:  Asa Thomas  $24.00  Asa Thomas was apparently a Private in First Regiment Texas Army on or around 10th May 1836 signed by Sec of War.  I found yet another document dated August 3rd, 1836 at Velasco stating that he was a Marine on the Schooner Liberty signed by Sec of Navy until May 9th 1836.  I presume he was soldier in Texian Army with this pay period in 1837.  A resonably nice example, ic, F/VF  $225.00  obv  rev       
HW3  #1979  May 29th 1837  Thomas Ralston  $72.00  "Said Ralston was born in the State of Pennsylvania, is 21 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches high, black eyes, dark complection, brown hair and by occupation when enlisted a Printer."  Document from Texas Archives written at Camp Bowie, Republic of Texas 22nd May 1837.  He was 3rd Sergeant Captain Thomas Jefferson Morgan's Co. (G) 1st Regt PV TA.  He enlisted for six (6) months and served nearly nine (9) months.  To allow him to receive full pay for nine (9) months service, Brig General Felix Huston increased his time of service from 22nd May until 6th June and placed him on furlough.  Some staining, TX Archive copies included, ic, VF  $220.00  obv  rev        
 #6337  Nov 26, 1837  John Slaburn  $44.80.  Slaburn was Private in Company D, 1st Regt Permanent Volunteers enrolling 27th April 1836 and serving until 31st May 1837.  Endorsements.  ic, VF/XF  $175.00  obv  rev     
HW4A  #6602  Dec 2, 1837  Military  JC Eccles assignee of John Toops $30.00.  There are hundreds of documents in the State Archives associated with JC Eccles.  He was apparently a Merchant who took in a lot of warrants for supplies.  This soldier, John Slaburn, was a Corporal in Co.H, 2nd Reg PV from 28th June 1837 until Sept 28th 1837.  Apparently the pay for Corporal was $10 per month where Private was $8 per month.  He was at Camp Chambers in Jackson County which is just above Port Lavaca and between Victoria and Bay City.   Choice Condition, ic, AU/Unc  $220.00  obv  rev       
HW9A  #4263  Septr 9th 1837  Military  Preston Fuller  $56.00  Private soldier, born Tennessee, 21 years old, 5 feet 6 inches high dark complextion, black eyes and black hair and by occupation when enlisted a farmer.  He enlisted in the Texas Army at Paducah (Kentucky) on the 6th Day of November 1836 to serve during the present War with Mexico unless sooner discharged by proper authority (and) is hereby discharged from the army of the Republic of Texas by reason of disability.  It isn't made clear what his disability was.  He was discharged at Camp Bowie.  He also sold his 1200 acre land bounty at or about the same time he was discharged.  He couldn't write "his X mark" rev.  Choice!  ic, XF  $220.00  obv  rev       

AUSTIN - Fifth Issue of Warrants  [*  The image with AW2A in Criswell is incorrect.  He shows another AW2.]   

AW  #

Naval Appropriation:
  3 to sheet [ $25  $25  $50 ]  numbered consecutively   none in stock
AW3  $25  #421    Unusual.  Blue ink, his X mark, staining.  ic, Fine(+)  $250.00  obv  rev  cut    (in warrant book)   
AW3  $25  #625    Navy Yard,  Close cut, (not cancelled) Choice AU  $375.00  obv  rev       
AW3A  $25  #240    (cut off, but looks like Austin)  Tight right end,  cc, AU  $360.00  obv  rev   
AW3A  $25  #462    Navy Yard, nice balance, color & contrast,  ic, AU  $275.00  obv  rev
AW3A  $25  #442    Navy Yard, nice balance, color & contrast,  ic, AU $275.00  obv  rev   
AW4  $50  #221    Navy Yard, nice balance, color & contrast,  ic, AU  $385.00  obv  rev   
AW4  $50  #232    Navy Yard, nice balance, color & contrast,  ic, AU  $385.00  obv  rev        

AW  #

WASHINGTON - Sixth Issue of Warrants   

W2  #    none in stock

STATE of TEXAS:   (Dec 1845 by Federal Date & February 1846 State) ~ February 1861
Civil War Warrants (notes) go to:  State of Texas CSA

AW13  #1531  April 3rd, 1848   $23.50 Payment to A.H. Cook for Expenses of Supreme Court for Benches & Tables furnished.  CC & IC,  XF  $125.00  obv  rev      

Warrants for Protection of the Frontier are Early Texas Ranger  related.   (Ranging Services)  
Example of Signature found on back of A16:  
Special & Treasury Warrants - take this link > Texas Ranger < Civil War - July/Aug 1861

BONDS & STOCKS    Request Reverse Images

Government of Texas - Houston  Bond   none in stock

$100  #
$500  #
Repubic of Texas - Austin   Certificate of Stock   (cataloged as bond)   none in stock

$100  #
$500  #


STATE & COUNTY SCRIPT - War Between The States  
Also found with Texas Civil War - State of Texas: < click here to go to Texas Civil War warrants

No County Script in Stock at this time  

TIME PAYTIME PAYDon't Lose a note you really want!  Reserve it Today!  I accept Time Payments.  
Notes under $500, 25% Down with balance in three (3) more equal payments. 
Notes or lots above $500, only 20% Down with five (5) monthly payments. 
These are with NO interest!  Longer terms and or smaller deposits can be negotiated! 
I'm willing to work with you to help you build your collection.  Write or Call if you have any questions!

 Reference Books for Sale :   none in stock
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