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24 June 2017

I want to BUY any of the imaged notes on this page.
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Forgery Texas Style

The story of Tex Fakes  *  Texas Monthly - March 1989
Rowe-Barr Collection

Republic & State of Texas Currency Collection at SMU

Crutch2 on - eBay

San Felipe de Austin  $50.00   none in stock

Star Note
- HOUSTON     BUYING:  Star Notes... Any Denomination ... Any Condition!!!
                                                                 Wanted to Buy!      PLEASE QUOTE

H7  $50  Serial #669  Nice color & contrast.  Fading at pay to "W. G. Cooke".  Extremely light paper clip stains in two places at top.  Cut Cancels are Closed, but it appears to be No other repairs.  CC, F+  $5,650.00  obv  rev 

Government of Texas HOUSTON   Notes dated 1838 & 39    
Jump to all:    H16 $5     H17 $10    H19 $20    H21 $50

Buying $1, $3 & $5  Any Condition

H14  $1  #           none in stock
H15  $3  #926  Henry Smith / Sam Houston  This piece has Fantastic Balance, Color and Contrast, the paper is a seldom seen off-white (buff).  There is only one tiny stain visible from back at bottom border.  With No Repairs this note has Full Border Lines.  An Extremely Scarce specimen for Type & Condition!  CC, Fine+ $4,750.00  obv  rev

H16  $5  #104  Dunlap/Lamar  Nice balance, full border.  Only one light water stain to right of Buffalo.  The Lamar $5 is much scarcer than one with Houston signature.  CC, F  $1,250.00  obv  rev        SOLD  
H17  #  none in stock   
H17A  $10  #

H18  $20  #    none in stock       
  Comparison Image of  Shield & Star  &c  between H19 and H19b variety    H19/H19b    H19 is incomplete framing at 20 and star with light uneven lines.  H19b has precise lines around 20 and heavier lines outline Star.
H19  $20  #170  Smith/Houston  Above average balance, color & contrast.  This note has an embossed stamp that says "Charles F. Gunther Memorial Chicago Historical Society".  This is one of a group of mixed notes that were sold at the June Kansas City IPMS.  There was a letter with the group stating that the lot was part of a larger group "thrown out" in the 1920's.  Wikipedia  CC, Fine Plus (+)  $575.00  obv  rev           
H19b  $20  #2756  Dunlap/Lamar  Super Condition.  "Minor Ink Burn" is in Dunlap's signature.  This note is in a 3rd Party Graded ~ PMG ~ slab listed as 55 About Uncirculated.  Beautiful, Choice, CC, AU+  $675.00  obv  rev       
H20  $20  #   none in stock

All four (4) varieties of $50 Government: Image    Closeup of the Sailor:  Image
H21  $50  #  small star ~ none in stock
H21A  $50  #3116  Dunlap/Lamar  Nice color & contrast.  Close cut top, CC, F/VF-  $450.00  obv  rev       
H21A  $50  #2558  Dunlap/Lamar  Bright White, nice balance.  Very Choice, CC VF+  $575.00  obv  rev       
H21A  $50  #1710  Dunlap/Lamar  Very Choice, Fully Bordered, Bright White, CC XF  $650.00  obv  rev  SOLD       
H21A  $50  #  Smith/Houston    none in stock
H21B  $50  #1095 Smith/Houston  Another note that is embossed "Charles F. Gunther Memorial Chicago Historical Society".  Wikipedia  This is the scarcer "white drape".  CC, F  $550.00  obv  rev            
H21C  $50 #   none in stock

MEDALLION Issue  -  Houston  

Buying Medallion Notes - Any Condition!

There are two variety for each denomination..    
H22/23  $1  none in stock
H24/25  $2  none in stock
H26/27  $3  none in stock

Consolidated Fund of Texas  

        Cataloging Consolidated Fund notes can be confusing!  You actually need both Criswell & Shull references to figure out what you have and even then you might not be able to figure out which variety you actually have.  If you have questions about the cataloging of any CF note don't hesitate to write me for my opinion.  If I don't have an answer for you, I will contact Mike Stair for his opinion.  I consider Mike to be the foremost authority on Consolidated Fund notes.  
        I will do my best to explain what variety I'm offering and why I've assigned a number that might not be found in Criswell or Shull.  There are listings that don't exist in Criswell as well as Shull and others that have yet to be assigned a number by Shull.  

HOUSTON        none in stock
CF 10   $100  #

AUSTIN      none in stock
CF14  $100 

Republic of Texas      
Austin  Change Notes:     A1 $1    A2  $2    A3  $3   
These notes have blank reverses 
There may be archival tape closing cuts as well as pin-holes I do not mention in my descriptions.

A1    $1    
A1  $1  #5340  Wonderful Balance, Color & Contrast  CC, XF(+)  $425.00  obv  rev   
A1  $1  #3067  Nice balance, Pin Hole to left of Ceres head,  CC, VF  $325.00  obv  rev    SOLD    

 A2    $2   
A2  $2  #4131  Well Balanced with Sharp Color & Contrast.  Thin paper,  CC, $750.00  obv  rev                       

  A3    $3    
A3  $3  #           none in stock  
Red Backs
   A4 $5   A5 $10   A6 $20   A7 $50   A8 $100   A9 $500

Large 5 Pointed Star with T*E*X*A*S between the points
The color is actually a Burnt-Orange
There may be archival tape closing cuts as well as pin-holes I do not mention in my descriptions.

 A4    $5          
A4  $5  #1968  Nice balance, color & contrast.  Cancels are closed  CC, F(+)  $475.00  obv  rev       
A4  $5  #4001  Good Balance, Color & Contrast.  CC, VF+   $625.00  obv  rev      
A4  $5  #4016  Beautiful Specimen with Full Borders!!  PCGS Choice About New 55 Cross-Cut Cancelled with Closed Cancellation at Lower Left.  Apparent because of a Stamp Hinge.  $1,050.00  obv  rev  SOLD   

A5    $10      
A5  $10  #4825  Well balanced with sharp color & contrast.  CC,  Fine   $425.00  obv  rev         
A5  $10  #1001  Nicely balanced, strong color & contrast.  Clean, CC, Fine +   $450.00  obv  rev             

A6    $20       
A6  $20  #6720  Choice, great Color & Contrast,  CC, VF/XF  $475.00  obv  rev         
A6  $20  #5795  Very Choice, Fully Bordered,  CC, XF/AU  $550.00  obv  rev       

  A7    $50       
A7  $50  #4692  Very Choice & evenly balanced example, embossed "Charles F. Gunther Memorial Chicago Historical Society",  Wikipedia  CC, XF  $450.00  obv  rev       
A7  $50  #1946  Choice with Great Color, Contrast & Balance, CC, XF/AU  $525.00  obv  rev            

A8    $100         

A8  $100  #439  Acting Secretary of Treasury James Webb signature at left.  Nearly full frame, edge split at left center, Federal Government Wagon Wheel Cancellation circa 1845-1850's.  CoC, VG/F  $775.00  obv  rev     
A8  $100  #45  Acting Secretary of Treasury, James Webb signature at left instead of the common James H Starr.  This note is nearly fully framed with frame line missing at lower right end only.  PMG graded as Choice Extremely Fine 45.  The note is of course "Cut Cancelled".  The Finest I've handled in more than 5 years.  $2,050.00  obv  rev    

A9    $500      

A9 $500  #234  Extremely Scarce, low grade but decent color & contrast.  A few ink stains on the right end.  This note is from the "Charles F. Gunther Memorial Chicago Historical Society",  Wikipedia  CC, G/VG  $3,250.00  obv  rev      
Private Issues:  Business or Bank  
These are fully issued notes.  They usually show up as remainders. 
Kelsey H. Douglas - payable, Nacogdoches, TX and/or New Orleans   [Sheets issued as 1123  &  2235]       
    $1.00  #  
    $2.00  #          
    $3.00  #
    $5.00  #
Bank of Texas "The Commercial & Agricultural", Columbia   $1.00  Daniel Boone vignette at left.    
                    none in stock

Warrants:    SPECIAL FILE
Provisional,  V=Velasco,  C=Columbia,  HW=Houston,  AW=Austin,  W=Washington  
Records of most of these warrants are housed at the Texas State Library & Archive (Information)
Find Research Links from my Home Page and  Republic of Texas Claims will take you the research area

PROVISIONAL - First Issue of Warrants    Wanted To Buy
                                                    None in stock
P1 (Shull)  (Criswell P2) San Felipe de Austin         
Criswell P1 / Shull P4   Washington on the Brazos     Extremely Scarce Issue - By DATE!!!      

VELASCO - Second Issue of Warrants     Wanted To Buy
V2  #
COLUMBIA - Third Issue of Warrants     Wanted To Buy
C2  #        none in stock
C5B  #

HOUSTON - Fourth Issue of Warrants  

HW3  #   none in stock
HW4A  #
HW6A  #
HW9  #8397  April 11, 1838  $59.00  Gideon L Murphy  This IS the 3rd & last pay warrant to Gideon L. Murphy.  He enlisted in the Texian Army Oct 17, 1836 as Private 2nd Regiment and he was Discharged on 24 March 1838.  His pay was for two tours of duty in the Army and this warrant was the balance due for Rations & Clothing under terms of enlistment.  ic, Fine  $180.00   obv  rev    
HW10  #
HW12  #

AUSTIN - Fifth Issue of Warrants  [*  The image with AW2A in Criswell is incorrect.  He shows another AW2.]   

AW    no early Austin Warrants in stock at this time
Naval Appropriation:   3 to sheet [ $50  $25  $25 ]  numbered consecutively  
Sheet     #  none in stock   
AW3     $25  #  none in stock
AW3A  $25  #  none in stock
AW4     $50  #192  Patrick Gorman, Sergeant Marine, Flagship Austin.  Gorman enlisted in the Texian Army at New Orleans on the 12th of February 1837.  He was 25 years old and was born in Ireland.  His profession was listed as "Soldier".  Someone signed for him when he enlisted with "his X mark" between his name; however, all the other documents show a different hand and apparently he could write.  The State Archive still has four $25 warrants made out to this Soldier/Marine in his file.  There are two documents showing him being paid at the Navy Yard (Galveston) in 1839.  The first was his "Bounty" for joining the Navy as a Marine of $20 on August 21st and the 2nd on 9th Nov of $16 (2 months) as Corporal of Marines.  There are stains, ink burns, splits & couple small tears.  Still nicely balanced, CC, Fine  $175.00  obv  rev  cut  (aka O'Gorman)        SOLD   
AW5B  #
AW11a  #             

Take this link for more Austin Warrants:  State 1846-1861    

WASHINGTON - Sixth Issue of Warrants   

W4  #     none in stock              
W5  #     none in stock  
W6A  #1442  February 2nd 1844  $132.00  Shadrach W. Pipkin  Pay as Door Keeper & Sergeant at Arms of the Senate.  This is same amount as the Cockburn draft above.  The documents for this man show him owed $300 from Dec 24, 1843 to Feb 5, 1844.  Also, he was paid with two (2) different drafts of $132 & $168.  Clearly the same must have occurred with Wm Cockburn (above) but was not indicated on the original.  This paper is Watermarked!  This warrant is, Ink Cancelled, AU  $220.00  obv  rev   
W6A  #1445  Feb 7, 1844  Thomas Johnson (aka Ramrod Johnson)  W.H. Cushney, assignee (endorsed).  Pay for printing for the 8th Congress.  Newspaper Publisher & Printer w/Copies of material in State Archive.  The paper is Watermarked, ic, XF  $225.00  obv  rev  cut    
 #1716  May 6th, 1844  J.M. Alexander  $70.83 pay as Assistant Clerk in General Land Office.  Besides his job as a Clerk, James M. Alexander was also a 2nd Lt. in the Texas Army.  This warrant, payable to his attorney Hanson G Catlett, is endorsed on the back.  Copies included.  Nice ic, UNC  $195.00  obv  rev  cut   SOLD
W6A  #1744  May 18, 1844  Thomas Johnson  Staunch supporter of Sam Houston's policies and as result was also known as Ramrod Johnson.  Newspaper Publisher,   ic, XF  $245.00  obv  rev       

BONDS & STOCKS    Request Reverse Images

Government of Texas - Houston
 Bond   none in stock   
$100  #   
$500  #     
Republic of Texas - Austin   Certificate of Stock   (cataloged as bond)   none in stock   
$100  #
$500  #

Texian Loan         none in stock

Republic:  none in stock

State:(Civil War)   
Huntsville Texas  1862  ONE  Civil War  
WALKER COUNTY WARRANT  ONE DOLLAR  #1480  Fine  $450.00  obv  rev         

State of Texas (approx ~ Feb 1846 to Feb 1861)    
AW14a      none in stock

SAM HOUSTON      also recognized as    Texas Ranger warrants
AW16  (formerly Cr58)  See AW16 / TW64 for Civil War issues
Sam Houston signed the back of these Texas Ranger documents as Governor.

AW16 / TW58   #
      none in stock        

Special Treasury Warrant
Texas Confederate Warrants   
TW1  #
TW4A  #  
TW7  #
TW7A  #
TW11A  #
TW17  #
TW26B1  #
TW31B  #

Texas Ranger   _  Warrants:  Also See Sam Houston
AW16 / TW64   #

Duplicate & Triplicate Warrants - Unlisted!  No Reference Number   
        none in stock

Post War Texas
TW unlisted  (TW79)  For the time being I'm going to call this Certificate Texas Warrant #79.  TW80, which are usually dated 1868, are the documents we see from time to time.  The example of TW80 in Shull has written Act/Order date of 13 March 1868 and the document is titled, like most other warrants, TREASURY WARRANT.  Some I have images of in my files have "Order Date" in 1869.  This item is different in that it has the title:  Fractional Certificate, of Public Debt, under Act of November 9th, 1866.  This warrant is said to be Fundable in "six per cent Bonds".  I don't recall having ever seen one of these before.  That doesn't mean it's Rare.  There could be a horde of them out there somewhere.  Like Early State documents, post-War warrants haven't been recorded in any reference, other than the TW80.  This is a Remainder and while it is unissued I will call it an Au/Cu with some light handling to be more precise.  Interesting Specimen,  $135.00  obv  rev        

Depression Script  ~  circa..  1933+/-
These are San Antonio Clearing House Certificates.  They are dated March 7th 1933.  They have punch holes (3) and are either Specimens or Cancelled Remainders.  There are no serial numbers or signatures.  I've seen another $1, $5 and $10; but, they were lower grade with folding, smudges, spots &c.  Issued uncancelled and cancelled are known from several of the more common Clearing Houses.  These two and the other three pieces I saw images of are the only ones I've ever seen.  I have been told these are scarce; but, by no means are they rare!  
$1.00  cat #235-1  PC  Unc  $125.00  obv  rev        SOLD 
$5.00  cat #235-5  PC  Unc  $125.00  obv  rev       

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