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  16 February 2019

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Forgery Texas Style
The story of Tex Fakes  *  Texas Monthly - March 1989
Rowe-Barr Collection

Republic & State of Texas Currency Collection at SMU

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San Felipe de Austin  $50.00   none in stock

Star Note
- HOUSTON     BUYING:  Star Notes... Any Denomination ... Any Condition!!!
                                                                 Wanted to Buy all Star Notes!

$10  Serial #   none in stock  
H5  $20  Serial #750  Very Nice Balance, Color & Contrast on this Better Denomination Star Note.  All Star Notes are Extremely Scarce and go up to Extremely Rare.  This $20.00 has No Repairs which in itself is quite unusual.  There is only one small piece missing at the bottom left corner.  There are of course sundry edge splits & nicks expected on any Star Note.  The note looks much better than this photo shows.  I took this image laying on John Rowe's office desk.  It likely won't be around for very long.  Manuscript on reverse,  Nice!  CC, VG(+) to Fine(-)  $5,695.00  obv  rev  
H7  $50  Serial #   none in stock
Government of Texas HOUSTON   Notes dated 1838 & 39    
Jump to all:    H16 $5     H17 $10    H19 $20    H21 $50

Buying $1, $3 & $5  Any Condition

closeup of shield 

Rare Variety - Shield at left has mall stars around the central star

Don't miss the opportunity to purchase this Rare Variety at Common Variety Price!
Price Good Until Wednesday Only!
H14A  $1 (shield imaged above) #616  This is the Rare Variety of Government $1.00.  It has Small Stars around the Large Star on Shield.  As with a great majority of this issue, this Change Note has been Cut in Half, it has a Cut Out and it also has two (2) Stamps.  Unlike most, the overall quality of this paper is Bright & clean and is Above Average for this Extremely Scare Type and even more Rare Variety!  CiH,CoC, VG+  $2,795.00   obv  rev  shield    utxx   
H14  $1  There is a G/VG CoC & CiH available should you be looking for a Filler for your collection.  I don't have an image of the note to show you at this time.  I owned it about a year ago and looked at it last week.  $1350.00 should be a reasonable price for the piece.   

H14  $1  #513  This is the common variety.  This note has been Cut in Half and is also Cut Out Cancelled.  There are also the Audited and Funded Stamps.  The image is a photo I made of the note in John Rowe's office while I was there Thursday Feb 7th.  This is a note we owned together last year and sold and recently purchased back.  I suppose I am being rather liberal to call it CoC, CiH, VG(-) minus $1,450.00  obv  rev            
H15  $3  (imaged above) #   none in stock

H16  $5  #915  Smith/Houston  Edges are a bit rough along the top and there is some water staining and spots.  This is a photo and that is why the image is skewed and unbalanced.  CC, Fine (-) minus  $1,175.00  obv  rev               

H17  #    none in stock
H17A  $10  #               

H18  $20  #    none in stock       
  Comparison Image of  Shield & Star  &c  between H19 and H19b variety    H19/H19b    H19 is incomplete framing at 20 and star with light uneven lines.  H19b has precise lines around 20 and heavier lines outline Star.
H19a  $20  #    none in stock       
H19b  $20  #
H20  $20  #   none in stock

All four (4) varieties of $50 Government: Image    Closeup of the Sailor:  Image
H21  $50  #      
H21A  $50  #  Smith/Houston    none in stock
H21A  $
H21A  $50  #            
H21C  $   
H21C  $50  #   

MEDALLION Issue  -  Houston  

Buying Medallion Notes - Any Condition!

There are two variety for each denomination..  Most common with Printer Name:  Niles Print, Houston  
H22  $1  #    
H24  $2  # 
H26  $3  #         

Consolidated Fund of Texas   

        Cataloging Consolidated Fund notes can be confusing!  You actually need both Criswell & Shull references to figure out what you have and even then you might not be able to figure out which variety you actually have.  If you have questions about the cataloging of any CF note don't hesitate to write me for my opinion.  If I don't have an answer for you, I will contact Mike Stair for his opinion.  I consider Mike to be the foremost authority on these Consolidated Fund notes.  
        I will do my best to explain what variety I'm offering and why I've assigned a number that might not be found in Criswell or Shull.  There are listings that don't exist in Criswell as well as Shull and others that have yet to be assigned a number by Shull.  

HOUSTON            none in stock    none in stock
CF 1     $100  #924  Cut a little into all the borders.  Nice color & contrast.  CC, AU  $250.00  obv  rev  SOLD  
CF 1     $100  #533  Good balance, but color & contrast is off.  The red ink is faded and this fund has seen quite a bit of circulation.  Benjamin F Smith.  Endorsed by Smith and another.  Fine (+) plus  $180.00  obv  rev       
CF 7    
$100  #2233  Great Balance, Color & Contrast.  Very Choice CC, AU++   $295.00  obv  rev    SOLD  
CF 7A  $100  #1165  Robert Mills & Co red ink.  This is the Error Variety with June misspelled as "Jund" in the text on line five.  This example is a Very Choice CoC, Au/Cu,  $145.00  obv  rev               
CF 7B  $100  #1926  Cut a little uneven with good color & contrast.  CC, VF/XF  $275.00  obv  rev    SOLD    

CF14  $100
CF 15A   $100  #              

Republic of Texas      
Austin  Change Notes:     A1 $1    A2  $2    A3  $3   
These notes have blank reverses 
There may be archival tape closing cuts as well as pin-holes I do not mention in my descriptions.

A1    $1    
A1   $1  #         none in stock

  A2    $2   

A2  $2  #           none in stock

  A3    $3    

A3  $3  #   
A3  $3  #4142  PMG slabbed  This note has Great Color, Contrast & Balance.  There is discoloration in area where a piece of tape is on the note.  PMG notates this a "Tape Repair" and that is the reason they have given this note a NET grade.  This is a photo and the image is poor.  CC, 20 Very Fine Net  $565.00  obv  rev   SOLD            
A3  $3  #7487  PCGS slabbed.  Exhibits Well Above Average Color, Contrast & Balance.  Printed on thinner darker paper stock.  Note is nicer than this photo exhibits!  CC, VF 30  $695.00  obv  rev      SOLD       
Red Backs
   A4 $5   A5 $10   A6 $20   A7 $50   A8 $100   A9 $500

Large 5 Pointed Star with T*E*X*A*S between the points
                             The color is actually a Burnt-Orange

There may be archival tape closing cuts as well as pin-holes I do not mention in my descriptions.

 A4    $5          
A4  $5  #    none in stock
A5    $10      

A5  $10  #            none in stock

A6    $20   

A6  $20  #2248  Nice Color & Contrast.  Willis red ink rev.  CC, VF  $455.00  obv  rev   
A6  $20  #

  A7    $50       
A7  $50  #607  Great Color & Contrast  Cut close with Funded Stamp right.  CoC, Ch AU  $295.00  obv  rev           
A7  $50  #1269  Great Color, Contrast, decent balance with Funded Stamp.  CoC, Ch AU  $315.00  obv  rev     
A7  $50  #4363  Great Color, Contrast & Balance!  Funded Stamp.  CoC, Ch Au/Unc  $335.00  obv  rev        
A7  $50  #4692  Pleasing Color & Contrast.  Well Balanced.  There is embossing at the bottom left corner on this note stating that this note is from a famous Chicago collection.  Perfect for framing!  CC, VF+  $400.00  obv  rev            

A8    $100         

A8  $100  #1603  Great Color, Contrast & Balance.  Funded Stamp.  This note is Cut Out Cancelled.  It is the Second I have seen and the First John Rowe remembers ever handling!  Odd!!!  CoC, VF (+) plus  $750.00  obv  rev       
A8  $100  #1527  Decent Color, Contrast & Balance.  Poor photo.  Nice, CC, VF  $1,275.00  obv  rev  SOLD      
A8  $100  #1604  Very Choice with Great Balance, Color & Contrast.  CC, AU, or better  $2,200.00  obv  rev             

A9    $500      

A9  $500  #              none in stock    

Private Issues:  Business or Bank  
These are fully issued notes.  They usually show up as remainders. 
Kelsey H. Douglas Notes were payable, Nacogdoches, TX and/or New Orleans .  The Sheets were printed in two layouts as 1 1 2 3  &  2 2 3 5.  This make the $5 note the rarest and the $2 note the most common       
    $1.00  #    none in stock
    $2.00  #    none in stock  
    $3.00  #    none in stock 
    $5.00  #    none in stock 
Bank of Texas "The Commercial & Agricultural", Columbia   $1.00  Daniel Boone vignette at left.    
                    none in stock

Warrants:    SPECIAL FILE
Provisional,  V=Velasco,  C=Columbia,  HW=Houston,  AW=Austin,  W=Washington  
Records of most of these warrants are housed at the Texas State Library & Archive (Information)

Find Research Links from my Home Page or here
Republic of Texas Claims will take you to  the research area or go there from here.   
Search Texas State Historical Association * WHO * from Research page or go directly from here.

First Issue of Warrants and/or Certificates   Wanted To Buy   
                      none in stock      
If a location isn't shown, it must be determined by Date!
(Shull)  is  P2 (Criswell)  are ~ San Felipe de Austin      <--  Rare   
P1 (Criswell) is  P4 (Shull)  are ~ Washington on the Brazos   <--   Extremely Rare     

VELASCO - Second Issue of Warrants and/or Certificates     Wanted To Buy   
V2  #

COLUMBIA - Third Issue of Warrants and/or Certificates     Wanted To Buy   

C2C  #    
#1568  24 Nov 1836  This is a very interesting Certificate for the information found on the back.  First of all this Certificate has been altered.  Written for $138 and changed to $238 then notated on the back.  Compared to book and found to be genuine 18th Dec 1836.  A few tiny splits, VF, $400.00  obv  rev   cutA  cutB  bxx    SOLD
C2D  #              
New:  C2E  #1818  Dec 28, 1836  Another as last.  Listed as M-8 Unlisted on very old sticker.  It was for a soldiers pay in Texas Army.  Endorsed, not cancelled.  F/VF  $325.00  obv  rev                 
  #408  M15  Oct 17, 1836  This Certificate has turned into an Extremely Scarce Type!  The paper is a bit off color but certainly not as dark as most Velasco.  First of this Type I've ever handled!  VF+  $750.00  obv  rev 

HOUSTON - Fourth Issue of Warrants  

This Scarce Warrant is Available for Time Pay
HW1B  #2969  June 15, 1837  This is the first time I've ever handled an HW1B.  I've handled a HW1 and a couple HW1A's but never this slightly simpler hand design designated HW1B.  Criswell left this variety unpriced in high grade writing "very rare".  My opinion, this note is "Choice".  Ink Cancelled ic, VF  $675.00  obv  rev    atx SOLD  
*****  Extremely Scarce  *****

HW4A  #6773  Dec 9, 1837  Payment of Military,  CoC, AU  $175.00  obv  rev       
HW4B  #4389  September 18th 1837  James F Johnson assignee of S Garcia.  ic, VF  $240.00  obv  rev                  
HW6A  #1462  May 8th 1837  Endorsements on back.  Lightly ink cancelled.  ic, Fine  $250.00  obv  rev     
HW10  #9668  Sept 1st, 1838  Military "for Rations &c" ic, VG/F  $220.00  obv  rev        
HW13  #131  July 9, 1842  Pay District Attorney 2nd Judicial District.  This piece has some roughage at the bottom left corner and some staining but it is a High Grade Example of this variety.  For some reason These HW13 are usually found in very low grade and badly stained condition.  Nice! ic, AU for Type, $500.00  obv  rev   SOLD   

-Fifth Issue of Warrants  [*  The image with AW2A in Criswell is incorrect.  He shows another AW2.]   

AW2  #
Naval Appropriation:   3 to sheet [ $50  $25  $25 ]  numbered consecutively  
AW3     $25  #791  No Endorsement.  This Naval Warrant was Cut From a Cancelled Sheet and and submitted as a single to PCGS for grading.  It came back as Very Choice New 64 "Pen Cancelled" ic, $425.00  obv  rev  SOLD     
AW3A  $25  #240  Evan Williams, Fireman  Stamp hinge closes CC, AU  $325.00  obv  rev  SOLD      
  $50  #562  George Beaty, Engineer, Flag Ship Austin  Very Choice, CC, AU  $425.00  obv  rev  SOLDbut      
AW7A  #516  Genuine Republic of Texas form; however, the manuscript handwriting is Bogus, filled in during the 1960's & 1970's by Tom Bain.  Original documents fully issued are RARE.  This remainder is from a second printing as originals don't have horizontal red lines.  Remainder, Ch Au/Cu, $55.00  obv  rev       
AW7B  #11106  Genuine Republic of Texas form; however, the manuscript handwriting is Bogus, filled in during the 1960s & 1970s by Tom Bain.  Original documents are Rare.  Remainder, Ch Au/Cu,  $55.00  obv  rev         
AW10  #409  Genuine Republic of Texas Form; however, the manuscript handwriting is Bogus, filled in during the 1960s & 1970s by Tom Bain.  Original documents are Rare.  Remainder, Ch AU+  $55.00  obv  rev      ` 
AW11A  #1115  Genuine Republic of Texas Form; however, the manuscript handwriting is Bogus, filled in during the 1960s & 1970s by Tom Bain.  Original documents are Rare.  Remainder Ch
Au/Cu,  $55.00  obv  rev       
AW12C  #1115 
Genuine Republic of Texas Form; however, the manuscript handwriting is Bogus, filled in during the 1960s & 1970s by Tom Bain.  Original documents are Rare.  Remainder Ch Au/Cu,  $55.00  obv  rev        

Take this link for more Austin Warrants:  State 1846-1861    

WASHINGTON - Sixth Issue of Warrants   

W3  # 
W5  # 944  June 19th 1843  Making Sash & Windows  ic, AU $325.00  obv  rev   SOLD                    
W6  #2017  August 16, 1844 Expenses Treasury Department.  Par Funds, rev.  Ic, AU, $265.00  obv  rev                
W7  #1311  Jan 26th 1844  Pay for Clerk in Senate  Very Choice ic, Paid AU/CU  $345.00  obv  rev  SOLD                  
W8  #     none in stock  
BONDS & STOCKS    Request Reverse Images

Government of Texas - Houston
 Bond   none in stock   
$100  #   
$500  #     
Republic of Texas - Austin   Certificate of Stock   (cataloged as bond)   none in stock   
$100  #
$500  #

Texian Loan         none in stock
Republic:  none in stock

State:(Civil War)   

State of Texas (approx ~ Feb 1846 to Feb 1861)    
AW13  #1263  February 19th 1858  F Hatch ~ Pay as Private Secretary of Governor (Hardin R Runnels).  I don't see very many of this Type.  Very nice condition, CC, XF/AU  $165.00  obv  rev            
AW14A  #4540  February 17, 1852  Assistant Taking Census  Ft Bend Co.CC, XF/AU  $195.00  obv  rev           
AW15A  #          
AW15B  #11930  April 1st 1858  Salary as Govt Asst Draftsman General Land Office.  The only differences in this design and AW15A that I've found with casual examination is at the left end.  This example has two circular designs at top and bottom where the AW15A does not.  Also, the period after Treasury Warrant on the 15B is elongated where it is perfectly round on the 15A.  CC, XF  $225.00  obv  rev        
#15180  May 10, 1860  S. M. Swenson  Salary of Geologist.  Some of you might see this warrant listed for sale by another dealer as Cr.TW-47A(2)(Unl).  It cannot be that reference number as TW47 is a Civil War issue and this design, at least all I've ever seen, are dated in 1860 or earlier.  Stamped PAID, AU $275.00  obv  rev       
AW23  #17090  February 28, 1861  Pat O'Gorman  Salary Chief Clerk Treasury Department.  Some of you might see this warrant listed for sale by another dealer as Cr.TW-47A(1)(Unl).  It cannot be that reference number as TW47, 
TW47A and TW47B are Confederate War issues and this design, while similar, is different and is also dated prior to March 2nd.  Ornate Handwriting & Stamped PAID.  I call it Choice AU, $250.00  obv  rev       
AW23A {War Date}  #17831  June 10, 1861  Wm Byrd, Texas Adjutant General.  Byrd was appointed AG on May 11, 1861 by Edward Clark.  Retroactive Pay!  
Stamped PAID.  Choice AU, $295.00  obv  rev                    

SAM HOUSTON      also recognized as    Texas Ranger warrants
AW16  (formerly Cr58)  See AW16 / TW64 for Civil War issues
Sam Houston signed the back of these Texas Ranger documents as Governor.

AW16 / TW58   #
      none in stock        

Special Treasury Warrant            none in stock      at this time
Texas Confederate Warrants     none in stock    at this time
TW1  #
TW4A  #  
TW21D  #12385  This early warrant is quite unusual in that it has extremely wide outside borders seldom ever seen on Texas Civil War Confederate Warrants.  Great Color, Balance & Contrast with relatively light ink slash cancellations a nice MILITARY SERVICE.  John Rowe said it was "one of the nicest bordered early warrants he had ever handled."  It has three (3) tiny worm or natural body holes in the paper.  Choice, ic, F/VF  $135.00  obv  rev                                        

            I will be listing a few from time to time.  I have about 40 of each Type in various conditions

TEXAS RANGER   Pay Warrants
TW61/Cr61  All are signed by Edward Clark as "interim Governor"
TW64/Cr64  are also signed by Edward Clark as "interim Governor"
                     and then later, on or around Nov 1st, by F R Lubbock elected Governor

All warrants are Ink Cancelled


TW61    Also Sold # 1626, 1630, 1875
This is a LINK to download an Excel Spread Sheet for other TW61's with descriptions
This is an IMAGE link so that you can find the corresponding images by Serial Number
The prices for these TW61's are at the bottom of the list to the right of the serial number.

TW61  #1281  Feb 8, 1861  Private Etherage  Captain Wood  Mounted Volunteers  The Act is Feb 11 1860 which is a Civil Act and should have been signed by Sam Houston.  This is a very unusual piece and it also has a serial number with in it.  I've only seen this a couple times over the years.  Light ink burn, ic, VF  $275.00  obv  rev  ser#  text   
TW61  #1538  Mar 22, 1861  Corporal Casidy  Captain Ross  Second Company Mounted Volunteers.  This piece has an endorsement on the back that increases interest.  "For value received I transfer the within to L. F. Pucket, Waco April 4th, 1861, L. N. Cassidy".  Also endorsed by Puckett.  ic, F/VF  $265.00  obv  rev  cut           
TW61  #1543  Mar 22, 1861  Lieutenant Kelliher  Captain Ross  2nd Company Mounted Volunteers  Wallet stains on the back and some small wear holes along the heavy creases.  ic, Fine (+) plus   $75.00  obv  rev      
TW61  #1605  April 11, 1861  Private Wood  Captain Wood  Company
Mounted Volunteers  This warrant has been endorsed by this soldiers attorney in Red ink.  ic, VF(+)  $125.00  obv  rev                            

TW64    Also Sold #4409, 4338
This is a LINK to download an Excel Spread Sheet for other TW64's with descriptions
This is an IMAGE link so that you can find the corresponding images by Serial Number
The prices for these TW64's are in the far right column. 

TW64  #2088  July 6, 1861  Private Anderson  Lieutenant Hughes  Minute Company  There are some pencil notations on the front.  Endorsed by his attorney on back.  ic, VF  $125.00  obv  rev    
TW64  #3016  July 11, 1861  Quartermaster Joseph Walker  Colonel Dalrymple's Command  Location would be Fort Brown (Brownsville).  Endorsed by Walker  Very Nice!  ic, XF  $165.00  obv  rev     
TW64  #3136  July 20, 1861  Sergeant Dowau  Captain Mays Company  Endorsed on the back by his attorney McDaniel in Blue ink.  10% (6 months) Interest paid and Reissued Jan 28/62 also in Blue ink.  This warrant is in Very Nice Condition!  ic, VF  $175.00  obv  rev  cut         
TW64  #3622  Sep 2, 1861  Private Arispe  Captain Burleson Company.  This is a Tejano Ranger and their warrants are scarcer.  ic, Very Choice AU (+) plus  $145.00  obv  rev    
TW64  #3910  Nov 8, 1861  Paul Cervani (Merchant)  Werkiske attorney endorsement on back.  For Provisions furnished Troops on Rio Grande  F R Lubbock, Gov.  ic, F/VF  $135.00  obv  rev                  

Duplicate & Triplicate Warrants - Unlisted!  No Reference Number   
        none in stock

Jefferson Texas  Five ($5) Dollars  Payable in the office of Lewis Moody.  Dated at New Orleans April 1862  This is an unissued Remainder on tissue thin paper, AU  $200.00  obv  rev   

Post War Texas           none in stock   

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Notes under $500, 25% Down with balance in three (3) more equal payments. 
Notes or lots above $500, only 20% Down with five (5) more monthly payments. 
These payments have  NO Fees!  Longer terms and or smaller deposits can be negotiated! 
I'm willing to work with you to help you build your collection.  Write or Call if you have any questions!

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