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20 January 2015

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Forgery Texas Style
The story of Tex Fakes
Texas Monthly - March 1989

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Star Note
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Government of TexasHOUSTON   Notes dated 1838 & 39
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MEDALLION Issue  -  Houston  

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Consolidated Fund of Texas  

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Republic of Texas      
Austin  Change Notes:     A1 $1    A2  $2    A3  $3
These notes have blank reverses
There may be archival tape closing cuts as well as pin-holes I do not mention in my descriptions.

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Large 5 Pointed Star with T*E*X*A*S between the points
The color is actually a Burnt-Orange
There may be archival tape closing cuts as well as pin-holes I do not mention in my descriptions.

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Private Issues:  Business or Bank  

Kelsey H. Douglas - payable, Nacogdoches, TX and/or New Orleans   [Sheets issued as 1123  &  2235]       
Uncut Sheet - Light Ink Cancellation - $2 $2 $3 $5  Nice Condition  $1,450.00  obv  rev               
    $5.00  #  Remainder  Very Choice with light X,  Scarce Variety.  ic, Choice Au/Unc  $450.00  obv  rev         
Bank of Texas "The Commercial & Agricultural", Columbia   Daniel Boone vignette at left.  Missing from Stock!
    $1.00  Decent Balance & Contrast on this "C" plate Remainder. Nice, VF/XF  $335.00  obv  rev      
               I imaged the note with bottom edge folded under.  This is a fold and is not cut into design  Can't find note!

Provisional,  V=Velasco,  C=Columbia,  HW=Houston,  AW=Austin,  W=Washington  
Records of most of these warrants are housed at the Texas State Library & Archive (Information)
Find Research Links from my Home Page and  Republic of Texas Claims will take you the research area

PROVISIONAL - First Issue of Warrants    Wanted To Buy

P1 (Shull)  (Cr P2)  none in stock

VELASCO - Second Issue of Warrants     Wanted To Buy
V2  #509  Sept 6, 1836  $24  (military pay)  To Harper, it is endorsed on back by John Harper.  He was a San Jacinto Veteran.  I can't find any supporting records for this warrant in the State Archive.  He was given Donation Warrant #1169 according to the Archive on Oct 20th, 1841 for 640 acres of land.  Kemp says he arrived in Velasco from New Orleans Jan 28, 1836 and that he had a Headright Certificate issued Mach 2, 1838.  You can read the entire article on the San Jacinto website which you can reach from my Homepage under Research Links.    Nice detail, CoC  Fine  $425.00  obv  rev    
V2  #284  (error)  "Auditor" 11, 1836.  Brigham should have written September instead of Auditor.  As Mike Stair said, he had a "Senior Moment"!  John C. Donley (aka Donely) was 1st Regiment Co.F. Texas.Army.  Furloughed June 1837 & Discharged January 1838.  It is quite odd that there are no records for his early service relating to this specific warrant.  He is later found on Navy records as a Landsman (first year sailor) on the Schooner of War San Antonio in 1840.  This warrant has Great color & contrast.  ic, F+  $650.00   obv  rev       

COLUMBIA - Third Issue of Warrants     Wanted To Buy
C2B  #628  31 Oct 1836  $405.93  J. D. Jennings  1st Regiment Vol Infty.  I'm not sure how a soldier makes $405.93 for six (6) months service in the Army of Texas.  One document I found said this certificate was Audited and Filed on the same day.  This Certificate is Uncancelled and Superb as a Type Note!  XF/AU  $325.00   obv  rev       
C3  #1712  Dec 1st 1836  $83.00  Robert McCaskey  (aka McCasky)  This man's file is huge and badly out of order.  A modern printed page says "Transfer of oversize materials" and is dated Dec 23, 1994.  It lists Robert D. McCasky Captain 1st Infantry.  There is a Velasco Certificate #82, dated Sept 11th 1836, in his file and he is listed as Lieutenant.  On another I find five (5) drafts in his name dated Sept 6th, 1836. There is also a Columbia Certificate in his file dated Nov 30th 1836.  I never found the file for this specific warrant.  He was an Officer!  Small ash burn, ic,F/VF(-)  $250.00    obv  rev      

C5B  Unlisted Variety  #217  Dec 24th 1836  $80.00  James Madison  He couldn't write.  You find "His X Mark" by his name on the back of the warrant.  He was Soldier and a Blacksmith.  There is a statement of days worked dated Sept 5th, 1836.  The format is like a C5A but two borders are like a C4A.  This piece is a bit rough with split and small piece missing from top border and heavy creases.  ic, VG/F  $210.00   obv  rev       

HOUSTON - Fourth Issue of Warrants  

HW2  #3484  July 6, 1837  Charles Griffin, Military  $9.33  (31st May to 6th July, 1837)  He was Private in Captain D.L. Nelson's Company First Regiment of Infantry.  He joined the Army 9 October 1836 to serve for "During the War" and was honorably discharded from the Army of Texas.  He was from Philadelphia, 35 years old, 5 foot 6 inches high, dark hair and Hazel eyes with a dark complection.  He enlisted at the City of Houston 5th day of July 1837.  Copy of Warrant payment and discharge included with this item.  This warrant exhibits some water staining and the signature of Charles Griffin on the back is very weak and nearly faded out.  Ink Cancelled, VG  $165.00  obv  rev    SOLD     
HW4A  #5946  Nov 13, 1837  $74.80  Moses D. Morrell  He was Sergeant in Co.D First Regiment until 6th April 1837 when he was transferred to Navy. Later Naval records show him serving on Flagship Austin  1842-1843.  Very bright and presentable.  CoC, ic, VF/XF  $125.00  obv  rev       
HW4A  #6158  Nov 20, 1837  $10  Hulbert Moffett   Filed as Hubert and written as Hubbert.  This man sold two (2) hogs on June 5th, 1836 "for the use of a company of Volunteers under my command, on their way to the Texian Army" signed by David M Fulton, Captain of the Madison Volunteers.  ic, F/VF  $185.00    obv  rev           
HW4B  #4286  Sept 12, 1837  $24.00  John Beldin  This warrant was pay to David Beers.  He joined the Texas Army on March 6th 1836; but, he wasn't at San Jacinto.  Because of ill health he was discharged.  John Beldin was a Merchant and he likely provided clothes, food, equipment &c to David Beers and Beers made him his assignee.  ic, F+ $180.00  obv  rev         
HW6A  #1422  May 5, 1837  $57.00  John S. Evans (aka John L. Evans)  Evans enlisted in the "Courier Corps" 5th Sept, 1836 under the command of A. L. Harrison.  He was paid $3 per day extra for milage.  I had no idea there was a separate military unit in the Texas Volunteers known as 'Corps of Couriers'.  ic, F+  $185.00  obv  rev     
HW7  #5556  Oct 30th, 1837  John R. Kern (aka Kernes)  Military  $46.50  He was Private Co.A, 1st Regiment Regular Artellery.  He enlisted September 6th, 1836 "to serve for and during the War".  He lost "his script" to authorize payment.  His pay was OK's by Bernard Bee on Oct 28th.  Few light stains, ic, VF  $175.00  obv  rev  
HW7  #7777  January 2nd 1838  George Debrant  Military  $72.00  Endorsed on back by Robert H. Grimes, Attorney for George Debrant.  No personal information indicated for this soldier.  Average, ic, VF+  $170.00  obv  rev   
HW9  #8397  April 11, 1838  $59.00  Gideon L Murphy  This the 3rd & last pay warrant to Murphy.  He enlisted in the Texian Army Oct 17, 1836 as Private 2nd Regiment and was Discharged on 24 March 1838.  He was paid for two tours and this warrant was balance due for Rations & Clothing under terms of enlistment.  ic, Fine  $180.00   obv  rev    
HW9A  #5390  Oct 19, 1837  $100,00  Thomas Bridges  Master (owner) and Captain at times for the Schooner Viper which was used by the Army in the service of Texas.  There are 92 entries in the Archive related to Thomas Bridges and this ship.  President Sam Houston got involved ordering the accounts be settled according to Law.  It seems that the Navy and Army were at odds over who "controlled" the ship and whether the 1st Auditor (Army) or the 2nd Auditor (Navy) would be responsible.  In the end all the claims were Paid by the 1st Auditor.  Letters, claims & counterclaims went back and forth as to who was the responsible party.   Historic!  A Ship used by Army!  ic, VF+  $190.00   obv  rev       
HW10  #10422  January 23rd, 1837  Samuel Dubois, Military for Clothing  He was Private in Lt. George Morgan's Co. 1st Regiment of Infantry.  This was one of two warrants and was issued for $104.00.  #10421 was for $68.00.  It is balance due on clothing allowance with a previous draw of $21.50.  Choice, ic, XF  $300.00  obv  rev   
Signature of ~ Eli Mercer ~ Battle of San Jacinto Veteran
Some of my family history in Texas
HW10  #9904  Nov 22, 1838  Military  Eli Mercer. Elijah Mercer was my Five (5) Great Uncle by marraige.  His wife Ann Nancy Thompson was the eldest sister of my Five (5) Great Grandfather John Thompson.  John's son Roland, my Four (4th) Great Grandfather named my Three (3rd) Great Grandfather John Mercer Thompson.  John Mercer Thompson then named my Two (2nd) Great Grandfather Elijah Mercer Thompson so this name is speical in our family!  Eli and Ann's eldest daughter, Penelope married Gail Borden (Borden Milk) while they were still living in Amite County, Mississippi.  Not For Sale at this time   obv  rev     (Can't find)

AUSTIN - Fifth Issue of Warrants  [*  The image with AW2A in Criswell is incorrect.  He shows another AW2.]   

AW    no early Austin Warrants in stock at this time
Naval Appropriation:   3 to sheet [ $50  $25  $25 ]  numbered consecutively  
Sheet     #  none in stock   
AW3     $25  #2205  James O'Shannessey (aka O'Shannesy, O'Shaunessy)  "for" notation indicates Flagship Austin and that James was a Naval Lieutenant at the time this warrant was issued.  He is also found as Lieutenant Commanding and listed only as ship Captain.  He was Executive Officer on Schooner of War San Benard and Schooner of War San Jacinto and would be Captain (Lt. Commanding) of the San Jacinto.  This warrant is crooked cut but that is typical.  What isn't typical for this note is that it is UN-cancelled!  Au/Cu  $345.00  obv  rev  cut     
AW3A  $25  #  none in stock
AW4     $50  #892  L.G. Taylor, Shipping Master, Flagship Austin.  Extra selvage, CoC VF+  $375.00  obv  rev   
AW4     $50  #192  Patrick Gorman, Sergeant Marine, Flagship Austin.  Gorman enlisted in the Texian Army at New Orleans on the 12th of February 1837.  He was 25 years old and was born in Ireland.  His professon was listed as "Soldier".  Someone signed for him when he enlisted with "his X mark" between his name; however, all the other documents show a different hand and apparently he could write.  The State Archive still has four $25 warrants made out to this Soldier/Marine in his file.  There are two documents showing him being paid at the Navy Yard (Galveston) in 1839.  The first was his "Bounty" for joining the Navy as a Marine of $20 on August 21st and the 2nd on 9th Nov of $16 (2 months) as Corporal of Marines.  There are stains, ink burns, splits & couple small tears.  Still nicely balanced, CC, Fine  $245.00  obv  rev  cut      
AW5B  #3415  Feb 4th, 1846  H.W. Raglin "Removing Archives to Austin"   ic, XF/AU  $245.00  obv  rev       
AW11a  #(355)  mansucript is forged on this Remainder.  Choice Au/Cu  $85.00  obv  rev   
Take this link for more Austin Warrants:
 State 1846-1861    

WASHINGTON - Sixth Issue of Warrants   

W6A  #1744  May 18, 1844  Thomas Johnson (?) about Govt Liabilities,  ic, XF  $265.00  obv  rev       

BONDS & STOCKS    Request Reverse Images

Government of Texas - Houston
 Bond   none in stock   
$100  #
$500  #     
Repubic of Texas - Austin   Certificate of Stock   (cataloged as bond)   none in stock   
$100  #
$500  #

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COUNTY SCRIPT (Republic & State)

Republic:  none in stock

State:(Civil War)
Washington County - Brenham  c.1862     50¢   Remainder  Train  AU+  $100.00  obv  rev       
Washington County - Brenham  c.1862   $2.00  Remainder  Printer  AU-  $125.00  obv  rev    
Washington County - Brenham  c.1862   $3.00  Remainder  Cotton Picker  AU  $125.00  obv  rev       
Variety Discovered!
Matagorda County - July 1, 1862  $2.00  Issued  Serial #19  Bond paper with no reverse design.  I have never seen a blank reverse on one of these before and neither has John Rowe!  Top left edge Split, Fine+  $550.00  obv  rev    

SAM HOUSTON    none in stock       

none in stock  

State of Texas (1846-1861)
        I had previously named this item AW9A and then AW9A-S for State usage; but, I discovered that an AW9A already truly exists.  I was misinformed when I was told this was the correct AW9A.  The image shown in Shull is a Washington (W6) warrant; but, AW9A dated 1845 is identical in form to that one so clearly I can't use that refernece number and I must look elsewhere for a descriptive number.  
        AW9C is incorrectly listed in the Republic Warrants.  The title says State of Texas.  So, for the time being, I'm going to call these... AW9D.  It is possible this design exists for the Republic by Date.  This design (form) doesn't match anything else in either Shull or Criswell.  It needs to have its own number.  I'm going to go with this number for now.  
        Take your choice!  List these as TW-Unl or AW-Unl and notate that it is State usage of Republic form.  I am going to use AW9D to represent a Republic warrant.  No one has reported one yet!  I'll use AW9D-S for the State usage.  

AW9D-S  (TW-Unl) #183 May 13th 1846.     State Issue of Republic document.  Republic crossed out and State written in above.  Payment to D. Muckleroy.  Pay & milage of Members of Legislature for service as Member of the Republic of Texas' last Legislature.  The reverse endorsement is similar to last, but is slightly different.  "Comptroller's Office, Austin, May 13th, 1846" says "The Collector of Texian Customs at Galveston will pay" &c.  David Muckleroy endorses this payment over to someone else on back.  David Muckleroy was born about 1806 in Georgia and lived in Nacogdoches in 1860.  He was 54 years old in 1860, so he was about 40 years old when he served in the Texas Legislature.  There is very little info on this man who was a farmer of substantial wealth with $30,000 in real estate and $23,000 personal property.  He wasn't paid for all the  "corn" he provided the Army in 1838 until 1853.  Piece missing, ic,coc, VF  $250.00  obv  rev       

Two New Varieties of Texas Warrants
AW22  #15478  June 30, 1860  $116.66  George J. Durham.  Salary Chief Clerk Comptroller's Office for June 1860.  PAID stamp, nibbles left end, AU+    $115.00  obv  rev           
AW22  #15487  June 30, 1860  $100.00  Patrick. O. Gorman.  Salary of Chief Clerk in the Treasurers Office.  This his pay for June 1860.  Born about 1820 in Ireland, little is known of this man other than he lived in Austin, Travis County, Texas as a border.  He owned personal real estate of $5000 and personal property of $1000.  He was Half (1/2) Deaf.   Very nice and like previous, stamped PAID  Ch Au/.Cu  $115.00  obv  rev    *Another PO Gorman AW23 #17816
AW22  #15588  July 10th 1860  $250.00  Benjamin Franklin Shumard.  Salary State Geologist for month ending July 10th, 1860.  Known internationally by his publications.  Paid, Stains, edge rough, XF/AU  $135.00  obv  rev    
AW22  #15589  July 11th 1860  $7.00  Phelps & Johnson (Merchant)  ":Support of Blind Asylum" is for "Sundries furnished Blind Asylum".  Today known as Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.  The Blind Asylum was created by the 6th Legislature in 1856. (J.S. Phelps & J. Johnson are mentioned in the Handbook of Texas in article on New Hope, TX (Dallas County).  Both men had Texas Land Grants.  Paid, Stains, corner tip off,  XF/AU  $110.00  obv  rev         
AW22  #15592  July 12th 1860  $80.60  J. M. Williams, per S. M. Swenson, assignee.  I couldn't find anything on Williams other than what is stated in the document.  "Cost due Clerks & Baliffs & Attorneys" for "Cost due Sheriff of Smith County in Sundry cases."  J. M. Williams was Sheriff of Smith County, Texas.   Paid, AU  $115.00  obv  rev  
AW22  #15596  July 12th 1860  $28.26  Hermann Friedrich Bensemann.  Bensemann was born in Hanover Germany in 1802.  He arrived in Texas sometime before 1850 and became a citizen in 1854.  He was paid for "Taking Scholastic Census 1859 & 1860 for Medina County, Texas.  Reverse endorsement by George Durham, Chief Clerk saying that funds (in part) had been deposited to his account.  Paid, few light stains and rough edge, XF/AU  $95.00  obv  rev   

Separation by Date
1)  AW23a  State:  February 19, 1846 - January 31, 1861;  
2)  AW23b  2nd Republic (ie Unalligned State):  February 1, 1861 - March 2, 1861  
3)  AW23c  Confederate:  March 3, 1861 - May/June/July 1865  (you pick a date)

State of Texas

AW23a  #  none in stock

2nd Republic or Unalligned State       

AW23b  #   none in stock   

Confederate  -  
I really wasn't sure how I wanted to catalog this entire group of Warrants.  I thought about using TW50 for the Confederate warrants and in fact imaged a couple with that number; but, in the end I decided to use the same reference number (AW23) for all of them, with AW23a being State, AW23b being Unalligned or 1nd Republic, and lastly AW23c for the Confederate issues.  These documents are the same form.  It is pnly the dates of issuance that are different!  This same situation is found when Texas used Republic warrants after it had become a State.

AW23c  #17107  March 4th 1861  $56.00  F. Dohme.  "10 Cords Wood for Comptroller's Office".  This wood was most likely used during the Secession Convention.  Little is known about F. Dohme.  He was born in Hamburg Germany in 1833, he was 28 years old when this document ws issued and his home was Austin, Travis County, Texas.  His profession was listed as Builder.  Others in his household were listed as Stone Cutter and Printer.  He indicated wealth of $4000 real estate & $500 personal property on the 1860 census.  Paid stamp, Choice XF/AU  $95.00  obv  rev      
AW23c  #17343  March 25th 1861  $465.00  Alexis T. Rainey  Pay & Mileage Members of Convention.  This is payment to Chief delegate of Secesson Convention from Palestine, Anderson County, Texas.  He took $100 in advance to help defray his expenses from the Committee on Public Safety.  He wrote a letter explaining what he did and instructed the Comptroller to tell the Treasurer to only pay $365.00.  There is a letter attached to this warrant.  Rainey organized a unit called Anderson County Invincibles at Palestine and they became part of the Frist Texas Infantry.  He was elected Major and was later promoted to Lt. Colonel.  After being wounded at Gaines' Mill, he returned and served on the staff of General John Bankhead Magruder down in Housotn.  A facinating piece of Texas Fiscal History!  Very Fine or better,  $250.00  obv  rev  letter     (cat as TW50)
AW23c  #17406  April 2d 1861  $143.24  to  John T. Miller.  Nothing is known of this man other than he was paid for "Keep of horses, buggy hire &c" for the Geological Survey.  Nice for Type, AU+  $95.00  obv  rev     
AW23c  #17443  April 3d 1861  $75.00  to  William M. Rust  "Contingent Expenses Geological Bureau" for "Services of boy George as cook to Geological Survey".  Texas Slave document.  Wm. Rust rented his servant out as cook for the State Geological Bureau.  Wm. Rust was a 2nd Lieutenant in Captain Wm Tom's Company Texas Rangers in 1855.  He would be elected Captain, company of recruits for Carter's Regiment, Texas Lancers CSA for Burnet & Milam Counties in 1862 and is listed as mustering in at Camp Carter, near Hempstead.  Choice AU+  $210.00  obv  rev    
AW23c  #17448  April 4th 1861  $333.33  Beriah Graham  "Support &c of Lunatic Asylum".  Two months salary as the Superintendant of Lunatic Asylum 1 Feb to 1 April 1861.  Endorsment on back for part pay of $100 May 24th & balance paid June 8th.  Few worm holes, otherwise AU-  $100.00  obv  rev    
AW23c  #17463  April 5th 1861  $20.83  Abner Pickens Blocker (Sr) per assignee George G. Simcox.  I couln't find any information in the Handbook on Blocker, Sr., but there are bios for AP Blocker, Jr and for his two brothers who became well known trail drivers.  I found Geo. G. Simcox, who endorsed the warrant, on a document in the State Archive.  He apparently was the assignee or executor of estate for George Hill, deceased. who died in the Woll Campaign, Dawson's Company 1842 in what became known as Dawson's Masacre.  Hill lost his horse & equipment and his father was paid in 1855.  This warrant is for "Porter hire to Comptrollers Office".  No way to tell if this is a Slave document or is simply for hired hands who could have been Mexican, Gringo or Black.  His ranch was in Blanco County.  He was born in SC in 1822 and is buried in Austin, and was a Mason.  This is a very nice example for "Type" with one edge nick.  AU+  $85.00  obv  rev    
AW23c  #17474  April 6th 1861  $160.00  George Washington Wright  per Micajah Louis Armstrong.  This warrant being for "Pay & Mileage Member & Officers of State Convention".  Geo. W. Wright was a delegate to Texas Secession Convention for Lamar County (Paris).  M. L. Armstrong was a Legislator representing Lamar County (Paris) and both their signatures are found on the back of this warrant.  They were both Unionist.  Wright would serve the Confederacy after secession as well as Armstrong who took an "Oath".  Armstrong would later be a delegate to the 1868-69 Constitutional Convention.  A rather different piece of Texas history.  Paid stamp, VF/XF and clean overall.  $135.00  obv  rev    
AW23c  #17481  April 8th 1861  $180.00  James M. Burroughs  "unreconstructed rebel"  This warrant being for "Pay & Milage Members & Officers of Convention."  He was the Harris County representative to the Secession Convention.  During War he was a scout and Major of artillery.  Post War he would serve as President of the Galveston Wharf Company.  There is a larger statement on the back and oddly it orders the assessor & collector of Sabine County to pay his expenses.  He was on the Foreign Relations Committee and perhaps this payment was related to that purpose instead of coming from Harris & Galveston Counties &c.  In any case, Burroughs endorses this warrant on both sides.  Just his full name on the front and a full statement of receiving this payment May 10th 1861 on the back.  Paid, XF  $135.00    obv  rev                   
AW23c  #17718  April 30th 1861  $185.00  John Ireland  for "Pay &c Members & Officers of State Convention".  He was Mayor of Seguin, Guadalupe County at time of Secession Convention.  He would join the Army as Private and end service as Lt. Colonel.  He would become Governor of Texas in 1882.   There are a couple edge nicks at right end, Paid stamp, signed reverse, Guadalupe County &c, VF/XF  $225.00  obv  rev       
AW23  #17816  June 8th 1861  $100.00  Patrick. O. Gorman.  "Salary of Chief Clerk in the Treasurer's Office".  This his pay for April 1861.  Born about 1820 in Ireland, little is known of this man other than he lived in Austin, Travis County, Texas as a border.  He owned personal real estate of $5000 and personal property of $1000.  He was Half (1/2) Deaf.   Very nice and like previous, stamped PAID  Ch AU  $115.00  obv  rev    *Another PO Gorman AW22 #15275   

Texas Confederate  (See AW23c for earlier Civil War era Treasury Warrants)
TW4A  #20831  $1.00  Civil Service  G.G. Simcox  Very Choice VF/XF  $95.00  obv  rev  (Cats $110-$225)
TW4A  #21170  $1.00  Civil Service  J.M. Steiner  Extremely Choice AU/CU  $135.00  obv  rev  (cat $110-225)
TW16D  #17180  $5.00  Civil Service  J. M. Steiner  Very Choice, ic, AU  $90.00  obv  rev    (Catalogs $100-$275)  
TW21D  #10865  $10.00  Military Service  paid to:  S. J. Richardson  (no history yet)  There are a few small worm holes, ink cancellation is very light   ic,VG/F  $50.00  obv  rev    (Catalogs $65-175)  
TW21E  #490  $10.00  Military Service  paid to:  D.T. Chamberlain   (no history yet)  There are a few splits and a tiny corner tip off,  ic, Fine  $85.00  obv  rev    (catalogs $100-$275)
TW26B1  #48203  $20  Civil Service  Harrison County  Small ink erosion, otherwise AU+ $375.00  obv  rev  cut   
(This variety has no catalog price in Shull and is listed as "Rare")
TW31B  #48218  $50  Civil/Military Service  Harrison County  light tone, AU  $325.00  obv  rev    (Unlisted Variety)
TW31B  #48216  $50  Civil/Military Service  Harrison County  Bright, Choice AU  $350.00  obv  rev   (Unlisted Variety)

Duplicate Warrants - Unlisted!  No Reference Number    These are Scarce & seldom seen!
Back in 2012 Hugh and I agreed on using TW65 for this warrant.  I decided to use TW66 for the 2nd variety.

TW65    none in stock  
TW66    none in stock  

Post War Texas
TW80  #
 none in stock  

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