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Paper Money WWW Directory
This directory is an extensive listing of paper money dealers & sites from all over the world.
It is maintained by my friend Manuel J. Pires.  Email him to suggest a site.

Confederate Paper Money Sites

The CSA sites listed here are maintained by collectors "first" and dealers "second".  They have content worth looking at.

CSA currency : CSA Collectors Page: 1st CSA Currency e-Book
The website has the distinction of being the FIRST to provide color images of CSA paper money.  It is maintained by Vance Poteat who is a college professor & collector of CSA.     His Email:  Take the link to Books or e-Book for more information.

CSA Notes  
This web site has some History of CSA paper money.  It is maintained by Ed Mason who is a collector.  He enjoys helping other collectors and he also has some duplicate notes for sale.  Email:     


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