Col Crutch Williams CSA
W. Crutchfield Williams, II
24  September  2017
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Type 39

Straight Steam - Variety I

Variety I (T39)

  #5028  Grayson/Walford  June 26, 1862  Ah  Military :  Issued July 16th, 1863  by E. C. Wharton Major & Quartermaster Confederate States of America.  This is an extremely nice specimen.  One tiny ink burn in Grayson signature at left.  I think the note is a CU (at worst it might Net AU55)   $450.00   obv  rev   
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    This note was issued in the Trans-mississippi Department and most likely from Galveston Texas to be specific.  If not Galveston then Houston.  E. C. Wharton was a Captain & AQM through June of 1863.  He was promoted to Major in July 1863 and his original posting was Galveston.  There are other notes issued by Major Wharton that say Houston, Texas on them.  See Mike McNeil's reference for specifics. 

  #28744  Smith/Gayle  August 8, 1862 Ad  Civil : Re-Issued Houston (Texas) January 17th 1863.  Notes signed by T. C. Gayle for Treasurer are more difficult to locate.  Above average, Very Fine (+)  $175.00  obv  rev   
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Type 40

Diffused Steam - Variety II

Variety II (T40)

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Type 41

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